3 teens sentenced for beating at school


Three youths were committed to juvenile detention facilities yesterday for their role in the beating of a school librarian during a brawl at Meade High School last fall.

Judge Eugene M. Lerner found the youths delinquent -- the juvenile equivalent of guilty -- in February on charges of assault with intent to maim in the Sept. 30 attack on Donald Gobbi, 50, of Odenton.

The youths, two 17 and one 16, will be supervised by the Juvenile Services Administration indefinitely and could be in detention facilities until they turn 21.

The attack occurred as Mr. Gobbi tried to break up a fight between white and black students. He was knocked to the ground and repeatedly pummeled and kicked and later sent to the Maryland Shock Trauma Center.

According to testimony in a court trial for the youths, Mr. Gobbi rushed into a crowd of students to break up a brawl that had erupted in a second-floor hallway about 10:30 a.m.

He testified that he fell when he was pushed from behind and that he was kicked several times on his upper torso and head as he tried to crawl to a corner wall for protection. He eventually lost consciousness.

School officials suspended 17 students in the weeks after the incident.

Assistant State's Attorney Larry Caporale said yesterday that two other juveniles charged in the attack are to be tried in juvenile court March 21.

He said that a fifth defendant, Marcus Costen, 18, of the 1800 block of Meade Village Circle, Severn, will be tried as an adult in Anne Arundel Circuit Court.

No date has been set for Mr. Costen's trial.

After the sentencing yesterday, Mr. Gobbi said that he is regaining the use of his feet through physical therapy, but that he still needs a cane to walk and has been unable to return to work.

"My heart really goes out to the parents of these kids, The whole thing's really such a terrible waste," he said. "If only all that [energy] could've been directed toward something positive."

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