Ejections, fight mark Spirit's 11-10 loss


KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- A wild, bench-clearing brawl in the Spirit's 11-10 loss to the Kansas City Attack resulted in four player ejections, one broken nose and tons of havoc.

It also might have cost Baltimore the game.

The free-for-all interrupted the third quarter of the National Professional Soccer League matchup for about 20 minutes.

It started when Spirit forward Jon Parry -- a Kansas City native and former Attack player -- slugged Attack star midfielder Goran Hunjak -- a former Spirit player -- with a solid left hook.

The fight ended a nightlong battle between Parry and Hunjak. Hunjak didn't retaliate and left the game with a broken nose.

"He called us bad names, names not suitable for a newspaper," Hunjak said. "He sneaked up behind me and sucker-punched me. Everything was a mess."

Parts of both teams benches' cleared. And about half of each team spilled into a tunnel under the stands leading to the locker rooms.

Six security guards and a handful of policemen were able to control the fight from there.

"I've never seen anything like this in my life," said one security guard.

Neither had most of the fans.

Parry and teammates Lance Johnson and Brad Smith were tossed from the game. Kansas City's Kevin Kotters also was ejected.

From there, things were all Kansas City. The Attack, overmatched all night and down 9-3 before the brawl began at 9:01 in the third quarter, stormed back on a flurry of power-play goals when the game resumed.

Most came on breakaway goals, as the Attack capitalized on the mismatches created by the ejections Baltimore incurred because of the fight.

The Attack's Brian Haynes led the way. He scored three goals close together in the the fourth quarter, most on nifty feeds for chip shots near the box.

Wes Wade brought the Attack within one on a three-point goal at 14:04 of the fourth quarter. The Attack won it when defender Jim Schwab scored on a two-on-two break at 14:47 in the fourth quarter. It was the only time the Attack led all night.

Hunjak said the brawl was the catalyst for his teammates' comeback.

"People just raised themselves to another level when they see ZTC things like that," he said.

What's in store for his next matchup with Parry?

"I'm just going to tell him to watch out for himself," Hunjak said. "I'm not going to come up from behind. Life is long and full of surprises."

There were 18 penalties in the game, 11 for Baltimore.

Baltimore, which had won nine of 13 games, fell to 22-12 overall. Kansas City, victorious in nine of its past 11, improved to 26-10. Both teams entered the game in second place in their respective divisions.

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