Sailboat racing season hits a lull


The Second Half of the Annapolis Yacht Club's Frostbite Series came to a close last Sunday, and that's it for most folks as far as sailboat racing goes until April when the 1995 season opens.

March can be said to be the cruelest month, because for racing addicts it's the only one of the year without large-scale formal competition.

Because a couple of weeks during January and February racing was called off due to too little or too much wind, the AYC series went to only nine races in as many weeks, meaning there will be no worst-race throwout in this half of the competition.

More than 60 boats routinely took part in the Second Half, scored separately from the November-December First Half, sailing in three PHRF divisions and a J/22 one-design class, with 17 of the 26 registered boats sailing at least one weekend.

Second Half turnout typically is a little lighter than for First Half, because some people put their boats away or head south for the colder months, but the numbers this year were respectable in all classes.

Winning the closest and largest class PHRF 2 with 20 of its 37 entrants sailing at least one weekend was an interesting return to racing success: the latest Dr. Feelgood, a J/24 sailed by Mark Hillman of Arnold.

There haven't been any "Dr. Feelgoods," a series of notable racers campaigned by Mark's father, Shel Hillman, on the race course for the better part of a decade, but now that the younger Hillman, long known as a capable and talented sailor, has moved back here from Boston, the name's back in play.

After a First Half in which the Dr. Feelgood team started well but fell off in the series standings after missing the two races Thanksgiving weekend, Hillman and his crew topped First Half winner Jonathan Bartlett of Annapolis and the team on his J/30 Soul Kiss by a margin of just under two points. Both skippers sailed an impressive Second Half series with no single finish below fourth place.

"We learned a lot from the First Half," Hillman said. "It's great sailing against Jonathan because he's such a good competitor. It's been a long time since I won anything, so we're really glad to be back."

AYC Frostbite Series

2nd Half Series Provisional Results

(Protests Pending)

PHRF 1 (24 entries, 11 starters): 1. Risky Business, Oldak/Kee, ,, 26.75 (1-8-4-2-2-4-2-2-2); 2. Dilemma, Jack Keniley, 34.75 (2-1-2-4-5-5-7-6-3); 3. Alpha Wolf, Joel Beren, 35.75 (4-9- 5-3-3-2-5-4-1).

PHRF 2 (37 entries, 20 starters): 1. Dr. Feelgood, Mark Hillman, 18.5 (2-2-3-1-1-2-2-4-2); 2. Soul Kiss, Jonathan Bartlett, 20.25 (3-3-1-2-2-4-1-1-4); 3. Vivacious, Bill & Terri Munz, 43.75 (5-1-4-4-11-3-4-6-6); 4. A Train, Robert Reeves, 44.75 (9-5-5-6-4-1-7-5-3); 5. Cayenne, Tony Sanpere, 64 (6-4-6-5-3-13-12-8-7).

PHRF 3 (24 entries, 18 starters): 1. Retribution, Peter & Kathy Geis, 32.25 (1-6-10-2-2-4-1-1-6); 2. Finesse, Baxter/Becker, 40.75 (8-2-6-5-1-10-2-4-3); 3. Huron, Karl Von Schwarz, 42.75 (3-3-1-4-5-13-4-5-5); 4. Chicken Little, Felde/Husar, 50 (4-7-8-6-4-7-8-2-4); 5. Alice May, Bonney/Mayfield, 57.75 (2-11-2-11-8-8-7-8-1).

J/22 (26 entries, 17 starters): 1. Who Knows, Hayes/McKay, 20.25 (5-1-3-2-2-1-4-2-1); 2. Double Nickel, Sherwood/Dent, 37.25 (1-7-1-1-8-4-9-5-2); 3. 2 2 Much, Rose/Dell, 49 (4-9-8-6-5-3-6-3-5); 4. Psychobabble, T. Chiltor, 53 (10-5-2-3-4-11-2-9-7); 5. (Sail No. 502), Jack O'Brien, 69 (15-8-4-10-6-6-3-7-10).

More winter seminars

West Marine in Bay Ridge Plaza, 111 Hillsmere Drive in Annapolis, is continuing its winter seminar series with "Working with Woolsey and Z-Spar" with Adna Munford on Wednesday at 7 p.m.

Munford also will be in the store on Saturday, starting at 9 a.m., to answer questions on these products and their use.

Next up on Wednesday, March 15, at 7 p.m. is "Getting Your Head Together: Understanding the New Marine Sanitation Regulations" with Pat Kearns & Tom Hale of American Boat & Yacht Council.

Seminars are free and open to the public, and reservations are not required. For information, call (410) 268-0129.

* Down on City Dock at Fawcett Boat Supplies, that operation's winter seminar series continues with "Upgrading Racing & Cruising Sailboat Hardware" with Harken representative Tripp Estabrook on Tuesday.

On March 14, Jason White of Lewmar will present "Electric Winches & Windlasses."

For information, call (410) 267-8681, 1-800-456-9151.

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