More news from the sports labor front:The...


More news from the sports labor front:

The National Labor Relations Board has certified a union representation election for the cheerleaders of the Buffalo Bills pro football team. The Buffalo Jills filed a petition with the board for the election, which would create the first union of National Football League cheerleaders.

The complaints listed by the women include having to endure Buffalo's wintry weather during games in their skimpy unforms and being treated as independent contractors instead of as employees entitled to benefits.

Further, the Jills revealed that they had to pay their own way to four straight Super Bowls in which the Bills football team appeared.

We don't know how the vote for the proposed National Football League Cheerleaders Association union will go, but we tend to agree with the pom-pom squad on most of their grievances.

Certainly, given the miserable performances of the Buffalo Bills in their record-setting string of Super Bowl defeats, an enlightened management would have made the team pay its own way to the game and given the cheerleaders first-class tickets.

* * *

FOR years untold pessimists (joined more recently by televangelists) have been spouting prophesies of doom and predicting the end of the world and most people have simply laughed and shaken their heads head in disbelief.

But today! What's this?

Now comes news that they're drinking beer in France! It seems the Parisians have thrown aside their wine classes in favor of beer steins. Could this mean the end at last is near?

On closer examination, it's just the March Beers -- a 600-year-old French tradition of celebrating the arrival of Spring and the medieval new year.

Sorry, false alarm.

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