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Curtis Goodwin

What he would be doing if there were no strike: Goodwin, 22, would be trying to justify the faith that new manager Phil Regan has in him. Regan has made it clear that the left-handed hitter is the front-runner to be the Opening Day center fielder. Goodwin, who hit .286 at Double-A, had a terrific off-season, in the Arizona Fall League and in Venezuela.

Where he is instead: Goodwin is in Los Angeles, waiting for a resolution to the strike.

How he's filling his time: Goodwin just began working out, lifting weights and taking a few swings. "It was nice to get a break," he said. "I waited, because I just got done playing [in Venezuela]."

What he's doing when he's not working out: "Watching movies on HBO. I played so much baseball in the last year that I didn't get to see many movies. All of the ones I'm watching now are really old ones that came out last year."

The last time he wasn't playing baseball in spring: "There's no telling. I've been playing baseball in spring year round since I've been a little kid, and I've never had a break."

How he's handling the wait: "It's easy for me, because I get to rest. I don't know if this is going to hurt me or not. I was looking forward to big-league camp."

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