Kudos to Hammond High for enjoyable 'Hello, Dolly!'


We spent an enjoyable evening at Hammond High's production of "Hello, Dolly!" starring Heather Perkins as the irrepressible Dolly. As usual for the drama department, this was an ambitious production with two acts, seven scenes and 13 songs.

It was the cat's meow!

Many of us have seen the movie musical with Barbra Streisand, and a few of us were lucky enough to see Carol Channing in the title role on stage, so Ms. Perkins' performance would be compared to some of the best performances around.

She successfully resisted the temptation to imitate Ms. Streisand and made the role her own. The scene where she vamps the judge, played by Hammond Principal Marshall Peterson, brought the biggest laugh of the evening.

The other performers were also terrific. Shani Harris sang "Ribbons Down My Back" beautifully. Ian Kennedy and the male chorus belted out "It Takes a Woman" with gusto. Andrew Wiles and Evan Samuels played the two clerks with a touching combination of naivete and cunning.

Jeannean Roberts played a flighty saleswoman to perfection. Josselyn Essey, Chris Nelson, Julie Schroeder, David Heine and Ryan Butler all nailed their parts.

The play featured a 33-member chorus, most of whom did double duty as technical crew. The double workload notwithstanding, the chorus put on terrific dance routines, most especially the Dance of the Rapid Waiters.

Never once did anyone drop a tray.

The show had 58 performers in all, including 11 children recruited for the street scenes and Rod Wallace and Larry Roberts as the policeman and the headwaiter.

The performance had five stage settings, including the streets of New York with a moving train. So here's a tip of the hat to the usually unsung heroes of drama -- the crew.

Here's to assistant directors Kelly Fenton and Erika DeLoache, to Kassy Freely, Cayle Pendergrass, Andrew Wiles, Robb Bailey, Xani Podoiny, Greg Grayson, Delroy Conick, Chris Weber, Anna Pfeifer, Brooke Hafets, Rachael Simmons, Danya Cohen, Amy Benedict, Josselyn Essey, Sandy Bresnick, Brian Doran, Patty Watson, Deborah Messer, Dave Gerdes and Greg Grason and the other members of the 78-member crew.

Finally, I'd like to note the fine performances by the pit band, conducted by Ron Bowman and Douglas Lawler.

Jenny Cartney, Collen Hartman, Natalie Johnson, Josh Sommers, Frank Sines, Peter Laanisto, Terry Stockman, Alex Ferguson, Joe Madison, Leah Schneider, Nucleo Vega and Douglas Lawler complemented the singers beautifully, whether striking up a rousing tempo for "Before the Parade Passes By" or softly echoing "It Only Takes a Moment."

This has been the best $6 I've spent all month.


Charlotte Watts, the perennial president of the Savage Homemakers' Club, invited her family to help celebrate her father's birthday Feb 3. Archie Clokey is 99.

Although Mr. Clokey has been bedridden for eight years, he had a wonderful time greeting the five generations of his family.

Among the 34 people who came for a day of birthday wishes, a communal dinner and a stroll through Savage Mill were Charlotte Watts, Rosemary Hall, Edith Powers, Maggie and Charlie Beard, Dan and Brenda Boone, Clif and Amy King and Jessica King.


The Savage Boys and Girls Club Basketball League reports the results of the following games:

In the instructional league, the Spartans soared to victory 37-22 with the able play of Andrew Zavage and Brian Dix, supported by the defensive efforts of Stephanie and William Struthers.

Jeremy Breen scored 10 points for the Lions, with Theodore Young and Michael Panzera each contributing four points.

The Terrapins beat the Wolfpack, 32-22. Brian Nagle scored 18 ** points for the Terps with help from Tommy Gregorini and Casey Gallas. Mathew Akins scored six points for the Wolfpack, with help from Marc Peters and Jason Moore.

The Blue Devils wore out the Tarheels, 36-12. Jordan Krupa scored 22 points for the Blue Devils with lots of assistance from Allie Scott and Chris Jones. Marty Lewis, Chris Warwick and Brian Copperthite played very well for the Tarheels.

The Bucks beat the Gophers, 24-10. Erdem Mustafa led the Bucks with 13 points, assisted by eight points split between teammates P. J. Puccio and Jeff Kessler. Brian Evans, Maggie McKenna and Steven Regan led the Gophers.

The Tigers beat the Deacons, 20-14. Kim Myrick scored eight points, Jason Strauss scored six and David Rusk, four for the Tigers. Chelsey Barrett scored 10 points with the teamwork of her fellow Deacons.


In the junior league, the Gophers won the first game in the tournament playoffs over the Bucks, 46-31. Chris Riley scored 18 points for the Gophers with help from Corey Riley and Patrick Peters. Keegan Wilkinson, Paulie Thomson and Adam Arciero led for the Bucks.


In the intermediate league,the Lakers beat the Hawks, 48-39. Brent Machado, George Voneiff and Nathan Heath led the Lakers. Jason London, Eric Owens and Ryan Leakan led the Hawks.

The Suns burned the Bucks 56-50 in a close game. Ryan Loisel, Neil Halloran and Chris Murray led the Suns, while Colin Shores, Colin Alexander and Joseph Claudy led the Bucks.

The Suns also beat the Celtics in the second game of the week, 53-48. Keith Fanjoy was the high scorer for the Suns, with good outside shooting by Chris Murray and great defense by Patrick Bredland. Lance Rutledge led the Celtics with help from Bryen Johnson and Mike Gelinas.


Montpelier Cultural Arts Center presents its 1995 spring recital series. The next performance is March 12 by flutist Maria Luisa De La Cerda at 3 p.m.

The 45-minute concert is free.

Information: (301) 953-1993.

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