Blockbuster rolls out own awards show


There are the Grammys, the Oscars, and the People's Choice Awards. Now get ready for the Blockbuster Entertainment Awards.

During March, Blockbuster will be polling customers for their favorite movies, stars, videos and musicians, and the results will appear on the televised Blockbuster Entertainment Awards, a two-hour special set for CBS on June 6.

The company says the 40 million people who visit a Blockbuster Music or Video store each month can vote electronically through March 31, and the results will be tabulated for the award ceremony.

But even though some of the awards could go to properties launched by a sister company of Blockbuster's, Paramount Pictures, Blockbuster says it has taken steps to make the award ceremonies as objective as possible.

"We have no reason to favor any actor, despite being part of Viacom," said spokesman Michael Caruso, speaking of Blockbuster's parent, Viacom.

"We're an entertainment company; we want to recognize what people want to see."

A spokeswoman said a "major accounting firm" will be hired to tally ballots, but it has not been chosen yet.

A Paramount film, "Forrest Gump," is nominated for Favorite Movie. But that's no surprise; "Forrest Gump" was nominated for 13 Academy Awards. Harrison Ford of Paramount's "Clear and Present Danger" was nominated for Favorite Actor in an Action-Adventure-Thriller.

But Paul Newman, appearing in Paramount's "Nobody's Fool," got an Oscar nomination, but not a Blockbuster nomination.

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