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Two men are arrested after standoff with police


Two men were arrested early today after one of them fired several shots at police officers from the second floor of a store-front dwelling during a nearly 4-hour stand-off situation on Windsor Mill Road.

No injuries were reported and police recovered three handguns, two of them high caliber.

Officer Thomas Newman of the city police Violent Crimes Task Force said he and six other plainclothes officers were in two unmarked cars patrolling the Walbrook Junction area around 10:30 p.m. when they spotted a man armed with a handgun standing in the 3700 block of Windsor Mill Road.

When some of the officers exited their car and walked toward the man, he bolted and, along with another man, fled into a building.

As the officers took up positions outside the building after failing to break down a steel door, one of the men began firing from a second floor window.

"We could see and hear the bullets bouncing off walls near us as we took cover," said Officer Newman.

The gunman fired at least three shots at the officers.

Moments later, additional police entered the area and took up positions near the building containing the two armed men.

In time, heavily armed members of the police Quick Response Team also were dispatched to the scene.

Vehicular and pedestrian traffic was kept away from the area.

More than an hour into the situation, one of the two suspects threw what turned out to be a .25 caliber semi-automatic handgun out a window.

The weapon landed in a yard and was recovered by police.

The gunman, however, refused to surrender.

Later, that man was arrested when he attempted to flee the building.

Officer Newman said the other man, armed with two handguns, a 9mm and 40 caliber, was arrested when he attempted to escape through a first-floor door.

Officer Newman said the only shots fired during the standoff, which ended at 2:19 a.m., were the ones fired at police at the beginning of the incident.

He said the suspects, one age 32 and the other 24 and both from the Walbrook Junction area, were taken to the Southwestern District and were held pending charges of assault on police officers with the intent to kill, handgun violations and reckless endangerment.

Officer Newman said police were patrolling the area because of its heavy drug and deadly weapons traffic that has resulted in numerous recent arrests.

It was not immediately known if the two suspects were wanted for any crimes.

Their identities were being checked for warrants.

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