Improvement group to sponsor Memorial Day parade on May 21


Entering the house, my friend paused and sniffed the air.

"Potpourri?" she asked. "Who's coming to visit?"

I chose to ignore her.

Giving me a smile suggesting I was way out of my league, she explained:

"You're removing the labels from old TV Guides and attempting to affix them to copies of New Republic. There's a box in your trash from a recently purchased step aerobic bench. These clues taken alone could mean it's an old school friend."

Moving into the kitchen, she continued.

"Fresh fruit artfully arranged in a basket replacing the Tupperware bowl of Gummy Bears and Gushers. Dates on a previously barren calendar now include dentist appointments for cleanings, music lessons and a reminder to send your donation to Save the Whales. This suggests a close family member," she said.

Refusing to comment, I began to alphabetize my spice rack.

"Add this to a complaint from your neighbors. Apparently you were found in their bay window, trying to dress up the Mr. and Mrs. Santa Claus figures still on display so they resemble leprechauns. This feeble attempt at updating their decorating theme can only mean your father's in town," she finished triumphantly.

Offering thanks for her insights, I steered my friend to the door. Dad was on his way. No time for small talk. I had to find PBS on my cable dial.


Last week, I lauded the accomplishments of Vanessa L. Weese, one of Glen Burnie Senior High's most promising students. But I made one mistake. She is a National Merit Scholarship finalist, not a semifinalist.

The honor is based on Vanessa's PSAT scores, grade point average and career goals. It is an honor afforded to fewer than one half of 1 percent of all graduating seniors in the country.


The 50th anniversary of the end of World War II will be the theme of the eighth annual Glen Burnie Memorial Day parade on May 21. Sponsored by the Glen Burnie Improvement Association, the parade will begin at Harundale Mall at 2 p.m. and proceed north on Crain Highway to the association's carnival grounds.

Organizers intend the parade to salute the men and women who served during this turbulent period of history. In addition to service personnel, the parade also will honor the citizens whose efforts at home and abroad helped the fighting efforts.

"We're looking for anyone involved in World War II, including Rosey the Riveter," explained parade chairman Joe Corcoran.

The World War II contingent will meet at the Signet Bank parking lot at Fifth Avenue and Crain Highway and fall in line behind the lead marching band. A section near the reviewing stand will be cordoned off to permit those being honored a view of the rest of the parade.

Community organizations interested in participating in the parade are encouraged to register early to assist in planning the event.

Prizes will be awarded for antique and contemporary fire equipment, antique autos and trucks, veterans groups, majorettes, bands, equestrian units, youth, marching units, clowns and floats.

For information call the GBIA, 766-6760 or Joe Corcoran, 761-9168.


The Glen Burnie Park Civic Association has postponed its regular monthly meeting until 7 p.m. March 8 in the multipurpose room of Glen Burnie Park Elementary School.

A discussion of a community Block Watch Program is on the agenda.

For information call Butch Schmitt, 969-3211.


The Old Mill Middle North Band Boosters will meet at 7:30 p.m. tomorrow in the school band room.

Five students from Old Mill Middle North were selected for the All-County Band. They are Beth Catley, clarinet; Matt Day, trombone; Brook Dillworth, clarinet; Antoine Grady, flute; and Christine Hillsgrove, bass clarinet.


The Country Club Estates Recreation Association swim team is planning a flea market from 7:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. April 22 in the association hall on Paul Marr Drive.

Tables are $10 in advance.

For reservations call 761-0317.

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