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Friedl Pfeifer, 83, a founder of the...


Friedl Pfeifer, 83, a founder of the ski industry in Aspen, Colo., died of colon cancer Sunday in Paradise Valley, Ariz. A three-time U.S. slalom champion, he helped organize construction of the first chairlift on Aspen Mountain in 1947. The native of Austria also started the Aspen Ski School and the Aspen Ski Club. He was inducted into the Aspen Hall of Fame in 1987.

Dr. Joseph Wortis, 80, who introduced insulin shock treatment for schizophrenia in the United States, died Feb. 22 of prostate cancer in New York. He underwent four months of analysis with Sigmund Freud for educational purposes and then wrote "Fragments of an Analysis with Freud" in 1954.

Felix Ermacora, 71, a leading Austrian law professor and United Nations expert on human rights, died Friday in Vienna of an undisclosed illness he contracted during a December visit to Afghanistan.

Manny Fingerhut, 80, who started a company with his brother in 1948 to sell plastic car-seat covers by mail and helped build Fingerhut Corp. into a multimillion-dollar business, died Thursday in St. Louis Park, Minn. When he and his brother, William, started their company, they gave buyers 30 days to pay and persuaded suppliers to wait 60 days for their money. This arrangement gave them a positive cash flow almost from the beginning. The company now has annual revenues of about $2 billion.

He stepped down as president when the company went public in 1970 and retired as chairman in 1978.

DeWitt Harmon Scott, 73, an author and longtime journalist, died Wednesday of accelerated pulmonary fibrosis in Walnut Creek, Calif. He wrote the books "Secrets of Successful Writing" and "Overcoming the Fear of Writing," which he had been finishing when he died.

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