Ingram's 300 comes 'out of the blue'


Vicky Ingram of Pasadena bowls in a single league -- the Monday night Fun Bunch at Greenway Odenton.

A few weeks ago, Ingram wasn't having much fun with her bunch.

"The first game I had four open frames," Ingram said. "I was really struggling."

She began bowling tenpins in a six-lane center on Taiwan when she was 8 years old.

"I've been bowling, off and on, ever since," she said. "That day after a really bad start [the first game was 158] I did finish the

second game with three strikes [for a 190 game]."

After the three strikes in the last frames of the second game, Ingram rolled her 16-pound Rhino Pro Teal down the lanes for another 12 strikes.

"That 300 game was my first ever," Ingram said. "And it came right out of the blue."

The resulting 648 set was Ingram's career high.

Favorite lanes

Mike Ucciferri of Gambrills began working the control counter at Bowl America Odenton when he was 17, just a few years after he first threw a tenpin ball.

Now 23, he's active in two leagues at the center -- Tuesday Night Men's and the Wednesday Pioneer Men's.

He's posted three perfect games.

On Feb. 15, he came very close. And very close to his fourth 300 game.

Using a 16-pound AMF King Cobra, he shot games of 245, 279 and 268 for a 792 series.

"That 279 should have been a 300," Ucciferri said. "I had the first five strikes and buried the ball in the sixth, buried it so good that I chopped back the head pin straight back and left the eight-pin standing."

That's the last pin he left standing, finishing with 279; if the pin falls he's got a 300 and the 800 set.

"I shot the 792 on lanes 33 and 34," he said. "They're becoming my favorites, all right."

Over a five-week period, on that same pair, he's shot 289 and a 700-plus, shot a 290 and 700-plus, shot a 300 and 691 set and, finally, posted the 792 series.

New manager at Fort Meade

Bob Feazell arrived at Fort Meade last month and manages the bowling center there. The Tampa native retired from the U.S. Army after 22 years and is now a Department of Defense employee.

"I managed bowling centers when I was in the service," Feazell said. "In the 15 years I've been with DOD I've been managing more centers."

A recreational tenpin bowler, he operates the center on that basis.

"There's has to be a playable shot on the lanes for the higher average bowlers," he said. "But the center has to be a place where families can come in and have fun, where everybody can enjoy themselves."

Feazell has set aside Wednesdays from 5 p.m. on as family night.

"I want the families and especially the younger bowlers to come in just to have a good time," Feazell said. "On a weekend night when the young people are saying 'There's nothin' to do,' I'd like them to come into the center and try bowling a few lines. If they do that they'll find that there's lot of fun to had right here in the center."

Duckpin tournament

It's not too early to be thinking of the third annual Mixed Handicap Duckpin Tournament at Riviera Bowl.

It will be Saturday and Sunday, April 29 and 30. First place is $2,000; if a world record is broken there's a bonus of $5,000 to the individual.

For information, call (410) 255-3550.

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