1994 record: 8-7.


Coach: Jack Emmer (12th year).

Key losses: Rick Aguilar, G; Sean Turner, D; Brian Knapp, M; Tim Keneally, M; Kevin O'Rourke, M.


Top returnees: Dan Brostek, Jr., A; Rob Manning, Jr., A; Mike Colon, Sr., M; Chris Auclair, Sr., D; Ryan McCormack, Soph., M; Travis Loving, Jr., G.

Top newcomers: Dan Monahan, Fr., A; Greg Tily, Fr., M.

Outlook: Army won five of its last seven mainly due to switching goalies. Loving replaced Aguilar in midseason, and directed the Cadets to road wins over Yale and Hofstra while holding opponents to less than nine goals per game. Army retains its top two scorers, but must replace the loss of eight graduated midfielders. The big frame of Monahan fits right in with the aggressive attack of Army. With a roster full of juniors and sophomores, the Cadets still look to be a year away from tournament contention.


1994 record: 13-5 (NCAA semifinalist).

Coach: Peter Lasagna (third).

L Key losses: Jay Stalfort, G; Rob Gutheil, M; Gary Nelson, M.

Top returning players: David Evans, Jr., A; Brian McNally, Jr., A; Robin Prince, Jr., A; Chris Martinelli, Sr., M; James Gaensbauer, Sr., M; Eric Benedict, Sr., M; Greg Rozycki, Sr., D; Kevin Braney, Sr., D.


Top newcomers: Roman Knysh, Fr., D; Brett Sowers, Fr., M.

Outlook: Move over, Hopkins and Virginia. Brown has an offense that could be just as exciting with Evans, McNally and Prince. The big question mark at Brown this season is goaltending. Lasagna will have to chose between junior Dan Giannuzzi and sophomore Greg Cattrano. Other than that, Brown should again challenge Princeton for the Ivy League title.


1994 record: 10-6 (NCAA quarterfinalist).

Coach: Mike Pressler (fifth).

Key losses: Bob Carpenter, Sr., A (redshirt with shoulder injury); Joe Proud, D.


Top returnees: Scott Harrison, Sr., A; James Heavey, Jr., A; Ross Moscatelli, Sr., M; Matt Ogelsby, Sr., M; Ross Thompson, Jr., D; Joe Kirmser, Jr., G.

Top newcomers: Steve Ahrens, Jr., M (transfer from Syracuse); John Fay, Fr., A; Julian Flannery, Fr., A.

Outlook: Duke came two goals shy last year of upending Syracuse for a trip to the Final Four just one week after recording the school's first NCAA tournament victory. The Blue Devils look to continue the ascension with balance. Neither the attack, midfield nor defense dominates Duke. Harrison, Moscatelli and Ogelsby supply the scoring.


1994 record: 10-3.

Coach: Dave Urick (sixth).


Key losses: Kevin Noonan, M; Nathan Sprong, A; Doug Madden, M; Rich Michel, M.

Top returnees: Chris Remington, Sr., A; Mike Boyle, Jr., A; Greg Lawler, Jr., M; B.J. Thompson, Jr., M; Ed McCabe, Sr., D; Jim Coale, Sr., G.

Top newcomers: Greg Peters, Fr., A; Jeff Burke, Fr, A; Danny Shea, Fr., M.

Outlook: Georgetown just missed its first NCAA tournament berth last year because of a lack of quality wins. The Hoyas need to pull out at least two victories against the group of Syracuse, Duke, Navy, Hofstra and Loyola to contend again. The Hoyas, who led Division I with a 6.6-goal margin of victory, also will have to dominate the lesser opponents on their schedule. With a good mixture of talented seniors and high-caliber freshmen, Georgetown should post its second 10-win season.


1994 record: 6-7.


Coach: John Danowski (10th).

Key losses: Andrew Carlson, A; Dave Donatello, A; Joe Romeo, G.

Top returnees: Kevin Jacobs, Sr., A; Chris Panos, Jr., A; Rich Langtry, Soph., M; Doug Altmansberger, Sr., D; Mark Spruytt, Soph., G.

Top newcomers: Mike Besio, Jr., A (transfer from N.Y. Tech); Blake Miller, Jr., A (transfer from Nassau CC); Brian Langtry, Fr., M.

Outlook: 1993's most surprising team became last season's most disappointing club. Hofstra dropped its last four games, falling from playoff contention to nearly out of the top 20. Danowski said the Flying Dutchmen relaxed after 1993's Final Eight success and lacked enthusiasm. The import of JuCo transfers with Jacobs and Panos should jump start the offense.



1994 record: 9-5 (NCAA quarterfinalist).

Coach: Tony Seaman (fifth).

Key losses: Todd Cavallaro, M; Jason Pressman, D; Matt Jackson, M.

Top returnees: Terry Riordan, Sr., A; Brian Piccola, Sr., A; Milford Marchant, Jr., M; Peter Jacobs, Sr., M; Billy Evans, Soph., M; Jonathan Marcus, Jr., G; Dave Marr, Jr., A.

Top newcomers: Tom Roszko, Sr., M (transfer from Navy); A.T. Bailey, Fr., A; Todd Kearney, Fr., D; Andrew Godfrey, Fr., M.

Outlook: Hopkins has almost everybody back from the team that lost in last year's quarterfinals. " We have as much talent as any team in the country," Seaman said. The Blue Jays have the makings of a high-powered offense led by Riordan and Piccola, both first team All-Americans. Piccola returns for a fifth season after receiving an extra year of eligibility as a result of missing most of his freshman season with an injury. Riordan, who had 48 goals last year, is 20 away from becoming the all-time Hopkins leader. Jacobs, a second team All-American and the faceoff specialist, and Marchant and Evans form the first midfield. Roszko could have an immediate impact. Sophomore Brian Kuczma and Aaron Van Horn are the foundation of the close defense and Marcus, a junior, has started every game since his arrival.



1994 record: 11-2 (NCAA quarterfinalist).

Coach: Dave Cottle (13th).

Key losses: Sean Heffernan, A; Derek Radebaugh, A.

Top returnees: Zach Thornton, Sr., M; Del Halladay, Sr., M; Matt Dwan, Sr., D; Tim McGeeney, Sr., G; Brendan Fry, Jr., D.

Top newcomers: Chris Georgalas, Fr., A; Tim O'Shea, Fr., A; Todd Vizcarrondo, Fr., M; Kirk Blagrove, D, Jr. (transfer from Nassau CC); Jamie Hanford, Fr., D.


Outlook: Loyola has five All-Americas returning, and possibly its strongest senior class ever. The Greyhounds can match midfield, defensive and goalie play with any team in the country, but their offense is suspect. Senior Kevin Lutz, the one returning veteran attackman from a year ago, is out for the season after a knee injury suffered the fifth day of practice. If Loyola can get scoring from its midfield, it is strong enough to make a solid run for the championship. McGeeney will win close games for Loyola.


1994 record: 7-6 (NCAA first round).

Coach: Dick Edell (13th).

Key losses: Danny Robbins, M/D; Matt Parks, A; Steve Hayes, D.

Top returnees: Rob Chomo, Sr., A; Pete Hilgartner, Soph., A; Kip Fulks, Sr., M; Greg Nelin, Sr., M; Dan Radebaugh, Sr., D, Brian Dougherty, Jr., G.


Top newcomers: Andrew Whipple, Fr., A; Matt Hahn, Fr., A; Kevin Pasqualina, Fr., M.

Outlook: Maryland has added a new twist to its offense -- movement. After years of wearing down teams with defense and a possession-oriented offense, the Terps have spiced up the attack. Dougherty should spark fast breaks with his agility in goal and Fulks can quickly push the ball upfield. Edell also has the benefit of rotating five small but speedy attackmen around four-year starter Chomo. The Terps are looking to break their two-year streak of first-round exits in the NCAA tournament.


1994 record: 9-5.

Coach: Greg Cannella (first).

Key losses: Matt Noone, Sr., D; Wes Depp, Sr., A; Greg Kline, Sr., M.


Top returnees: Mike Valente, Sr., A; Brendan Glass, Soph., A; Buddy Hoffman, Jr., M; Eric Bailey, Jr., M; Jared Lanning, Sr., D; Tom LoPresti, Sr., G.

Top newcomers: Harold Drumm, Fr., D; John Kasselakis, Fr., G.

Outlook: It's hard to figure out Massachusetts this year. After missing the final cut for postseason, the Minutemen had to deal with the unexpected resignation of coach Ted Garber, and hired Cannella, a 1988 graduate of UMass, late in the off-season. Valente and Glass power the offense, and Lanning is the top close defender. LoPresti is adequate in goal and will be pressed by Kasselakis throughout the season.


1994 record: 3-10.

Coach: Tom Gravante (first).


Key losses: Mike Rice, A; Terry Moore, G.

Top returnees: Joe Jenkins, Jr., G; Ed Grant, Jr., D; Matt Moran, Jr., A; Nick Pilla, Sr., A; Chris Fleming, Sr., M.

Top newcomers: Ben Horowitz, Soph., D (transfer from Goucher).

Outlook: Gravante, two-time All-American for Hobart in the mid-1980s, will be starting at the ground level. The Mountaineers averaged only nine goals per game and lost by a combined score of 40-10 to their only top 20 opponents. The defense is promising with hard-checking Horowitz and consistent one-on-one defender Grant. Mount St. Mary's lightened its schedule with the additions of Penn, Stony Brook, Siena, Michigan State, St. Joseph's and Division III Franklin & Marshall.


1994 record: 7-6 (NCAA first round).


Coach: Richie Meade (first).

Key losses: Jamie Slough, M; Kevin Boardman, D.

Top returnees: Rob Bailey, Sr., A; Charles Bertrand, Sr., A; Matt Long, Sr., A; Dan Sullivan, Sr., M; Artie Brown, Sr., D; Eric Kapitulik, Sr., D; Brendon Drew, Fr., D.

Top newcomers: Howie Meehan, Fr., D; Jeremy Carey, Fr., M; Mike Newton, Fr., M; Jason Hull, Fr., M.

Outlook: The Middies are working hard under Meade. The attack returns intact, and should be an effective group. The midfield is inexperienced, but Navy is hoping to get solid play from sophomores Andy Ross and John Hannah. Navy needs to win early in the season against teams such as UMBC, Washington College, Penn and Delaware, because down the stretch, the Middies face Maryland, Georgetown, Towson State and Johns Hopkins.



1994 record: 10-5 (NCAA first round/ACC tournament champion).

Coach: Dave Klarmann (fifth).

Key losses: Ryan Wade, M; Chuck Breschi, D; Gregg Langhoff, A; Wilson Felter, A.

Top returnees: Spencer Deering, So., A; Jason Sanders, Jr., M; Merrill Turnbull, So. A; Jude Collins, M, Jr.; Rocco D'Andraia, Sr., G.

Top newcomers: Justin Donaton, Fr., A; Webb Hayes, Fr., M.; Ryan Kohart, D, Fr.; Mike Shortino, Fr., D.

Outlook: For the first time in a while, the name North Carolina won't put fear in a lot of opponents. The atttack is young, which shifts a lot of the scoring pressure to the midfield. The Tar Heels have a solid midfield, but not the usual depth of years past. The defense has back two starters in Steve Schreiber and Jon Fox with Fox as the top takeaway guy.



1994 record: 14-1 (NCAA champion).

Coach: Bill Tierney (eighth).

Key losses: Kevin Lowe, A; Scott Bacigalupo, G; Scott Reinhardt, M; Taylor Simmers, A; Brian Tomeo, M.

Top returnees: Scott Conklin, Sr. A; Todd Higgins, Sr., D; Nick Lane, Sr., D; Jeff MacBean, Jr., M; Don McDonough, Jr., M.

Top newcomers: Mark Whaling, Fr., M; Jesse Hubbard, Fr., M; Jon Hess, Fr., A; Chris Massey, Fr., A.


Outlook: Lowe's overtime goal against Virginia in last year's championship game signaled the end of the careers of probably the best class of players in Princeton history. The cupboard is hardly bare. The Tigers have first team All-America defenseman Higgins, one of three captains along with Conklin and Lane. The biggest concern is replacing Bacigalupo in goal. Contenders include sophomore Pat Cairns and freshman Neal DiBello. The midfield, headed by MacBean and McDonough, is " fast and deep," Tierney said. On attack, Conklin, the team's third-leading scorer last season, might be working with freshman hotshots Hess and Massey.


1994 record: 13-2 (NCAA semifinalist).

Coach: Roy Simmons Jr. (25th).

Key losses: Dom Fin, M; Charlie Lockwood, M.

Top returnees: Ric Beardsley, Sr., D; Chad Smith, Sr., D; Hans Schmid, Sr., D; Roy Colsey, Sr., M; Mark Fietta, Sr., M; Jim Morrissey, Jr., A; Rob Kavovit, So., A.


Top newcomers: Casey Powell, F., A; Greg Franzen, F, M; John Matthews, F, M; and Aaron Nissen, F, M.

Outlook: This will be the first time in nearly a decade where Syracuse's offense will be overshadowed by the defense. This D may be the best and fastest in lacrosse. While Syracuse lost two quality midfielders, the Orangemen still have enough speed to run with any team in the sport. If Powell lives up to expectations, Syracuse will have a Showtime offense again.


1994 record: 7-5 (NCAA first round).

Coach: Carl Runk (28th).

Key losses: Steve Carcaterra, A; Stewart Crotty, M; Kevin Krupinsky, M.


Top returnees: Dudley Dixon, Soph., A; Mark Goers, Jr., M; Tim Lucky, Sr., M; David Quinn, Sr., A; Brian Whalen, Jr., G.

Top newcomers: Mike Graebner, Jr., D (transfer from Essex CC); Kevin Travis, Fr., A; Lee Williams, Jr., M/D (transfer from Geneva, N.Y.).

Outlook: A little more offense and a little more experience on defense might have markedly altered last year's record, since the Tigers lost three games by one goal. Bob Doherty and Tim Langton move up to the first midfield, but what concerns Runk is the status of Goers, who is recovering from reconstructive knee surgery after suffering the injury last summer. The heart of the defensive midfield is Al Tyler, a four-year starter who will be joined by Williams. On attack, Quinn, who came to Towson State as a midfielder, returns as the leading scorer from last year. Dixon was No. 2. On close defense, sophomore Matt Stromberg, considered by Runk as the team's most pleasant surprise, will be joined by Graebner.


1994 record: 7-7.

Coach: Don Zimmerman (second).


Key losses: Jamie Bately, M; Sam Walker, M; Jason Smith, A; Stewart Walker, M.

Top returnees: Matt Shearer, Soph., M; Joe Wojociechowski, Jr., A; John McDonnell, Soph., M; Greg Sabo, Soph., A; Chris Lloyd, Jr., A.

Top newcomers: Chris Brown, Jr., G (transfer from Anne Arundel CC); Al Hernandez, Fr., D; Andy Martyniuk, Fr., D; Anthony Greco, Fr., D; Bryan Belford, Jr., M (transfer from Nassau CC); Chad Henry, Jr., A (transfer from Catonsville CC).

Outlook: Zimmerman has only started rebuilding, assembling 15 new faces on the 28-man roster. There is only one senior, but the influx of JuCo recruits helps the transition. The top transfer is Brown, a first team JuCo All-American. UMBC will need to develop during the first half of the season since it plays host to Loyola, Towson State, Virginia and Maryland in the final four weeks.


1994 record: 13-4 (NCAA runner-up).


Coach: Dom Starsia (third).

Key losses: Craig Ronald, D; Matt Crisp, D; Chris Driggs, M; James Ireland, G.

Top returnees: Michael Watson, Soph., A; Tim Whiteley, Jr., A; Sean Miller, Sr., A; Greg Traynor, Sr., M; David Jones, Sr., M; Joe Wilson, Sr., D; Court Durling, Jr., G.

Top newcomers: Karl Zeller, Fr., D; David Wren, Fr., M: Chris Sanderson, Fr., G.

Outlook: Virginia can score with anyone. The attack is intelligent and deep. The midfield is explosive and not shy on shooting. The Cavaliers are set to establish that last year was not a fluke. However, the defense is young and suspect. With the ongoing battle between Durling and Sanderson for the goalkeeper slot, the Cavaliers cannot afford close games.