The question man comes calling


Just wondering:

Are you reading any Peter Angelos into the Maryland Senate Finance Committee's recommendation that replacement players be banned from performing on the sacred lawns of Camden Yards this season?

* Doesn't it appear as if they're a tad too generous at the Daytona 500 when eight drivers crash their cars and end up walking off with combined prize money exceeding $300,000?

* Feeling sorry for good guy and hard worker Tom Gugliotta? The ex-Washington Bullet sent to the Golden State Warriors just a while ago probably caught a break being traded to the lowly Minnesota Timberwolves because the Frisco team treated him like he wasn't there. One play was designed for him and it was rarely called. Christian Laettner, pack your bags.

* Does anyone know what Kevin Duckworth does for a living? Food testing?

* When things get back to normal in baseball (if), how soon will it be before the Orioles come out with a line of clothing fans must wear if they plan on viewing ballgames at the warehouse?

* That "home invasion" charge against national skating champion Nicole Bobek that was dismissed, is that the same as B-and-E, breaking and entering, a felony?

* What's tough to figure in the Sparky Anderson caper is why the manager of the Detroit Tigers showed up in Florida and waited until spring training opened before deciding he didn't want to work with anyone but the genuine articles?

* Replacement players, isn't that what they called the guys who manned the positions on the diamond when the stars of the day were off fighting World War II? And when you think about it, didn't Lou Gehrig start out as a replacement player (for Wally Pipp)?

* Much as we all like George Foreman, doesn't it give pause to refer to the 46-year-old cheeseburger-chomping heavyweight champ as Athlete of the Year?

* Is "Nets Stop Just Short of Falling to Sleep" a great headline to describe New Jersey's scoring just seven points in a 12-minute NBA quarter the other night or what?

* Can you imagine the sideline demeanor of Lefty Driesell while George Washington was laying a 42-8 run on his James Madison basketball team? "I been coaching 37 years and I don't think I ever got beat that bad," he yelped.

* Isn't the demise of Chicago Stadium, the Boston Garden and the Montreal Forum within months having the same effect upon longtime hockey fans that the leveling of Fenway Park, Wrigley Field and Tiger Stadium would have on baseball fans?

* Considering they sell only about 70 percent of the tickets available for the Summer Olympics, wouldn't you think the IOC would slash the prices, especially with people spending so much for transportation, food and housing?

* Ask yourself, why would someone even consider getting into the business of owning a professional sports franchise? The Vancouver Canucks made the Stanley Cup finals last year, lost $3.5 million and had their payroll balloon from $15 million to $26 million this NHL half-season.

* Think about it: Will it really be necessary for the folks in charge to hang billboards eight stories high in Atlanta to tout the Summer Olympics there next year? Chances are the good people along Peachtree Street have a fairly good idea of what's happening by now.

* Buster Douglas, the man who unfrocked Mike Tyson just prior to his heading off to jail for three years, says he would like to fight Tyson again and he'll begin training immediately to show how serious he is. He says January would be good for him, which prompts the question, is 11 months enough time to get in shape, Buster?

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