Within an ordinary set, one perfect game


Kirk Janney, born and raised in Harford County, began bowling tenpins as a teen-ager; now 22, he carries a 208 average in three leagues -- Monday and Tuesday at Bel Air Bowl, Thursday at Fair Lanes Edgewood.

Last month he had a night to remember.

"I wasn't doing anything different that night," Janney said. "My first game wasn't even up to my average."

That first game was a 198; his last game of the three-game set was a 215. But that middle game was a beauty.

Twelve strikes for his third career perfect game.

He used a 16-pound Dragon bowling ball fitted and drilled by Marty Letscher of the Bel Air Pro Shop; the 713 set was far below his career-high 778.

Early start

"I was 2 or 3 years old when I started watching the pros on Andy Carson said. "I knew then I wanted to bowl tenpins."

The Bel Air native, now 13 and an eighth-grade student, does that all right. Saturday morning he bowls in the YABA league at Bel Air Bowl and Sunday it's the youth travel league.

The right-hander is averaging 189.

Last month he rolled games of 243, 209 and 205 for a 659 series.

Carson was quick to give credit to his bowling coach. "Bob Cryster has helped me a lot," he said.

XTC Carson was throwing a 15-pound Ninja drilled by Letscher, and that 659 set was way below his career-high 698 series in the travel league.

Back to back

Kent Dowell said, "Usually I don't do too well bowling as a sub, but that night I was pretty relaxed, maybe that made a difference."

Dowell, a Darlington resident, bowls regularly in The Tuesday Commercial at Bel Air Bowl and subs on occasion.

Last month he subbed in two leagues, the early Twilighters and the late Sleepy Triples. He will be asked back.

Dowell, bowling tenpins since the junior leagues, fired two 700 series, back to back.

In the early shift he had a 704 set. On the late shift he hammered out 265, 269 and 257 for a career high individual set of 791.

PD His 16-pound Critical Mass bowling ball was drilled by Letscher.

Twelve 300s this season

Bobby Marshall of Harford Lanes knows exactly how many 300 games have been posted on his lanes: "We've had 12 so far in the 1994-95 season. But I'm really proud of a 290 game."

There's reason for that; the 290 was thrown was by a YABA bowler who just turned 15.

Bryan Spies of Aberdeen attends Aberdeen High School, works behind the pins at Harford Lanes and bowls there Saturday and Tuesday.

The 10-year veteran of the tenpin game started out with a 179 game, added a 239 and then shot his career high single game, the 290; that added up to his career high series of 706.

"The lanes were getting pretty dry," Spies said. "So I started throwing the ball [a 16-pound Piranha drilled by Eddie Davis] a little harder to hold the line."

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