Area youths win in Chesapeake event


The Western Chesapeake Bay Association youth tournament at Annapolis Bowl on two weekends last month produced the following winners:

* Division A Team: the Scavengers (2,511) consisting of Brian Mayer, Bryant Buchman, Jason Morton and Chris DiGiulian.

* Division B Team: the Clubs (2,554) consisting of Daryl Parker, Sharia Godwin, Joy Esterson and Dale Crowner.

* Doubles Division A: Jessica DeRidder and Jennifer Moore (1,285).

* Doubles Division B: Colleen Anderson and Chris Moore (1,286).

* Singles Division A: Nicole Martinsen (696).

* Singles Division B: Chris Altizer (727).

* All Events-Girls Scratch: Joy Esterson (1,453).

* All Events-Girls Handicap: Nicole Martinsen (1,939).

* All Events-Boys Scratch: Steven Whitson (1,644).

A5 * All Events-Boys Handicap: Dale Crowner (1,936).


Boat Kelly, born and raised in Glen Burnie, but now living in Parkville, said, "I don't mind driving to Glen Burnie to bowl with my friends." He has been throwing a tenpin ball for half his life.

"I've been close [to 300] a lot of times," Kelly said. "A bunch of 278s, 279s, 298s, 299s but I just couldn't get that 300 game.

"I guess I've been bowling for about 22 years. I've shot 792 three times and it's the same as with the perfect game, I just can't seem to get the 800 set."

It was while bowling in his Friday Mixed league that Kelly finally broke his jinx.

"I heard a lot yelling on the other side of the house [Bowl America Glen Burnie is a split center]," said Chuck Kelly, manager of Bowl America. "And I couldn't understand why everyone was so excited about Boat's 300. I figured he had a bunch of 'em, he's been a good bowler for so long."

Broken records

That noise you hear at Annapolis Bowl is the sound of house records being shattered.

First it was Diann Naylor firing a 705 set to break the women's three-game set, then, last Monday, Gary Cox of Edgewater hammered out an 805 series to break the men's three-game set record.

"I've been bowling tenpins for a long time," Cox said. "But I'm not as serious as I used to be about the game. There was a time I had a closet full of bowling balls, now I buy a new maybe once a year."

The last new ball was a Dick Weber Legacy; that was the one Cox used to post his record-breaking series. "I've had three 300s," Cox said. "But this is my first 800."

Cox started with a 248 game, accelerated to a 278 and then topped that by one pin for a 279.

"I was loose that night," Cox said. "It's a fun league and my three brothers, Bobby, Johnny and Terru, and my sister, Neecee , all bowl in it so I never felt any pressure. I had a good comfortable line, the lanes held up and I never really thought too much about what I was putting on the sheet. Then, too, maybe the lineup change made a difference."

That night Cox was sloted into the anchor spot for the first time this season.

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