They keep doing it. In December, "The...


They keep doing it. In December, "The Bluest Eyes," a novel written in 1970 by the Nobel and Pulitzer Prize winner Toni Morrison, was removed from a modern American lit class (open to grades 9-12) in Morrisville, Pa. The reason: "the book's sexual content and objectionable language." "The Bluest Eyes" is the story of a young black woman's coming of age in America. She prays for blue eyes, which to her represent the white world's ideal of beauty. Ms. Morrison tells of this young woman's rape by her father and subsequent mental collapse. The school board in Morrisville, by unanimous vote, took the book off the reading list in mid-semester. A spokeswoman insisted the book had not been banned, "it's being reviewed." Many students commented that they see and hear much worse on TV and in everyday life.

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