Dixon's Bid Betrayed VotersConcerning Del. Richard Dixon's...


Dixon's Bid Betrayed Voters

Concerning Del. Richard Dixon's recent unsuccessful quest to become state treasurer:

I am sorry Mr. Dixon did not achieve his goal to become treasurer. Of the candidates who ran, he would have brought the most to the job. . . . Having said that, I also have to express my feeling of disappointment that Mr. Dixon was less than candid with the voters of Carroll County. It was obvious that he was the only Democrat who really had the ability to win. . . . What wasn't so obvious was that Mr. Dixon did not intend to remain in that seat for more than a few weeks, which would have meant that someone much more liberal than he was likely to be in office for most of the next four years. People would have appreciated it had Mr. Dixon let us know what he planned. I know I would have. . . .

Frank H. Rammes


Wrong Quote

On Jan. 16, I received a call from your reporter, Anne Haddad, apologizing to me for The Sun's mistakenly attributing a quote to me in an article about former school board member John Myers.

. . . Your reporter explained that a statement actually made by someone else "appeared" in the article to have been made by me. . . . I would like for your readers . . . to know beyond a shadow of a doubt that I did not make this derogatory statement to John Myers, and that I have a great amount of respect and admiration for John. . . .

Melvin A. Arbaugh


Story Behind the Blast

As a homeowner in the Autumn Ridge development in Westminster who was literally blasted out of her chair during the recent gas explosion, I take great offense at the editorial which appeared in The Sun on Jan. 29.

Your inflammatory tone, reporting that we are somehow finding comfort in assigning blame, is such a blatant misrepresentation of all the churning emotions we are experiencing right now.

First, we are all so grateful that everyone involved, both people and their beloved pets, survived literally without a scratch.

We grieve for our homes and personal possessions, but we are secure in the knowledge that our insurance companies have acted quickly and honestly in helping to restore us to a semblance of normality.

Our homes will be rebuilt and so will our lives, and it is this that gives us great comfort.

No, we are not insisting upon assigning blame, but we will demand that someone accept responsibility for the terrible events of last month.

You committed a fatal journalistic error in wearing the hat of both judge and jury -- you have found Baltimore Gas and Electric Co. innocent of all charges without taking into consideration the many inconsistencies which have been incorporated into their public platform.

You never bothered to check out the fact that the BGE spokesman reported that the two or three crews which were dispatched to the emergency did not have either equipment, expertise or authority to perform the necessary measures to turn off the gas main. Meanwhile, almost three hours elapsed before the neighborhood exploded.

And I was so concerned about the safety of my new car sitting in the driveway that I approached them and asked, so innocently and laughably now, if I should move it because they were digging right next to it and I feared it might get dirty. I was told everything was fine.

Forty-five minutes later my home was destroyed and my car heavily damaged.

It was obvious that many of us were at home, some with small children. We were not contacted, nor were levels of gas checked inside the homes as BGE keeps emphasizing.

Check this out and provide us all with a true list of the three homes where BGE insists it entered and spoke to residents.

I have yet to meet any of these people and the facts simply do not bear out these assertions.

I called your paper the morning the editorial ran, but no one saw fit to return my call.

I hope you will have the courtesy to print a survivor's view of the situation.

Everyone in the community has been so wonderful to us during these past few very trying days, so accommodating, so caring, so empathetic, but as a loyal Sunpapers subscriber and reader for more than 35 years, I must say that with your callous insensitivity to our pain, you have really let me down.

Shelley Kartman Sarsfield


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