Caporale brings experience and youth


"My aim is to keep the customer happy," said Peter Caporale, the new assistant manager at Brunswick Columbia. "I just want everything to keep running smoothly."

"I've been with Brunswick since September. But I've just been here [Columbia] for a week."

He's already joined a league, the Funtime/Anytime on Monday afternoons.

As a three-year member of the bowling team at University of Massachusetts at Lowell, he carried a 202 average; he's posted a 279 game and a 773 series for his career high figures.

The 23-year-old New York state native started his tenpin career when he was 9; now he's bringing more than a dozen years of bowling knowledge to the Columbia center.

Club 55

"We're almost filling the house," said Pete Brehm, secretary of Club 55. "We have 28 teams of seniors this year."

The Club 55 seniors bowl at noon on Tuesdays at Columbia in a triple format.

Nat Sherman, Allen Greene and Ruth Tyler are three of the senior tenpin bowlers who have had outstanding days on the lanes recently. Each are Bowlers of the Week.

Sherman, a New York native living in Columbia, will be 73 this month; he doesn't believe in trying to keep up with the new bowling balls.

"Take care of your equipment and it'll take care of the pins," Sherman said. "The ball I'm using must be 25 years old."

Week 17 of the season he used that ball to pound out a series that was 87 pins over average (currently he's averaging 145). In his career he's thrown an individual game and set of 258 and 590, respectively.

Greene lives in Columbia and is retired. He bowls in the Club 55 and the Friday Newtowners leagues.

He's thrown a 220 game and 519 series this year; his average is 145.

A few weeks ago he hammered out a series in the Club 55 league that was 99 pins over average.

How did that set occur?

"Beats me," he answered. "I wasn't doing anything different, just trying to do my best, like always."

Tyler, born and raised in Howard County, lives in Ellicott City. A member of the team Ben's Balls, she's been bowling for "about 15 years, in Club 55 for about five years."

Throwing a 13-pound bowling ball, she's averaging 118 this year; she's posted an individual game of 200.

Week 19 she knocked down pins that totaled 85 pins over average.

"I'll be honest," Tyler laughed. "I'm really not sure exactly where the ball's going when I throw it, I just try the best I can."

That best was impressive. She was 85 pins over average.

Even with the Tuesday afternoon Club 55 filling 28 lanes at Columbia, there's still room for anyone who wants to bowl in the senior league.

Remember, your level of skill on the lanes is secondary to the fun of competitive bowling; average doesn't matter in a handicap league.

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