Hammond High players to present 'Hello, Dolly'

It's time to schedule another exciting evening of music and dance performed by the dramatic players at Hammond High School. This winter they are presenting the classic musical "Hello, Dolly." Come and hear Heather Perkins, Thespian successor to Carol Channing and Barbara Streisand, belt out tunes as the irrepressible Dolly Levi in turn-of-the-century Brooklyn.

The 50-odd ensemble promises an enchanting evening featuring Ian Kennedy as Horace Vandergelder, Shari Harris as Irene Malloy, Jeannean Roberts as Minnie Fay, Evan Samuels as Barnaby, Andrew Wiles as Cornelius, Chris Nelson as Ambrose, Julie Schroeder as Ermengarde and Josselyn Essey as Ernestina.


As usual, Mary Jane Sassler directs her students' efforts, but this year she is assisted by Kelly Fenton and Erika DeLoache, first and second assistant directors, and by the efforts of Kassy Freely as the stage manager.

Come see North Laurel's finest players on Feb. 23-25 at 7:30 p.m. Admission is $5 in advance, $6 at the door.


Advance tickets are available at the school.

Call Hammond High at (410) 313-7615 for more details.


Roberta Laric's art classes at Forest Ridge Elementary don't limit their artistic abilities to the two-dimensional.

In addition to brightening the wall of the Savage library's childrens' section with lively pictures, her students have just contributed sculptures for the center display case.

The Forest Ridge artists have juxtaposed pine cones with other natural objects, then gilded or silvered the resulting collage. We see not the detritus of the forest floor, but the subtlety of nature's design.

The objects created by Angela Pipitone, Lauren Etchison, Pardeep Bhati, James Robinson, Brent Dorman, Tamara Gonzalez, Laura Scardina, Melodie Hill, Brian Manyette, David Lazarek, Corinthia Fegan, Mary Cox, Emily Stivers, Rachel Lerman, Ryan Southard, and Gregory Factor are beautiful.



This week's scores for the Savage Boys and Girls Club basketball leagues are as follows:

* In the instructional league, the Terrapins toppled the Deacons, 28-22. The Terrapin's Matt Stevens and Katie McFarland scored 12 points with assistance by defenseman Nick Purdy. The Deacons' Chelsey Barrett scored 12 points with support from Tony Zammichieli and Jonathan Shannon.

The Tarheels beat the Cavaliers, 18-14. Alex Magner, Marty Lewis and Dan Kreh led the offense for the Tarheels. Cavaliers Robby Exler, Billy Dunn and Colleen Bredland kept the game a close one.

The Hawkeyes dropped the Lions, 21-15. Mike Feighner, Will Feighner and Billy Bogus led the Hawkeyes. Ashley Mills, Jeremy Breen and Teddy Young led the Lions.

The Wolverines defeated the Bucks 22-19. Sean McLean, C. J. O'Dell and Julia Reynold led the Wolverines. David Lee and P. J. Puccio led the Bucks.

* In the Junior League, the Badgers defeated the Bucks 54-35. Mansor Ahmed, Curtis Gore and Brendan McClelland led the Badgers, and Paulie Thompson and Mark Nowacek led the Bucks.


The Hoosiers edged past the Spartans, 48-45. Brian Brewer, Rachel Foley and Ryan Kessler ran for the Hoosiers while Brandi Tippett, Chris Kevin and Patrick Kevin hustled for the Spartans.

The Gophers defeated the Wolverines, 53-8. Adam Engelkemier led the Gophers' scoring with 16 points, with the help of teammates Corey Riley and Tommy Johnsen. Bobby Everett, Lindsey Greer and Daniel Rusk led the Wolverines.

* In the Intermediate League, the Lakers squeaked by the Bucks, 60-59. George Voneiff, Jeff Miller and David Smith led the Lakers, and the Bucks were paced by Brian Strauss, Colin Alexander and Colin Shores.

The Knicks eclipsed the Suns, 53-37. Steve Pyles, Shannon Riley and Michael Ryan led the Knicks, while Scott Malczewski, Ryan Loisel and Chris Murray led the Suns.