A mix of music and theology


An interesting blend of music and theology will be presented in "Scripture and Song," a program at Beth Am Synagogue (2501 Eutaw Place) at 2 p.m. today. It will consist of a musical conversation of sorts between Baltimore Choral Arts Society music director Tom Hall and Noam Zion, a professor of Biblical studies at the Hartman Institute in Jerusalem. Mr. Zion and Mr. Hall will explore -- with the assistance of the full orchestra and chorus of the society -- the relations between Saul and David in ancient times and between Salieri and Mozart in the 18th century. In each case an older man was consumed by envy of a younger man to whom he had been a mentor, and whose greater gifts -- David became the prototype of the messianic leader and Mozart the Romantic paradigm of musical genius -- eventually overshadowed his. Tickets are $7. For more information, call 523-2691.

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