Behind the Riviera snack bar, Ernandis' memories span 34 )) years


Marge Ernandis knows how a lot of Anne Arundel County folks can eat; she's serving the grandchildren of her original customers.

"I was already working at the snack bar here [at Riviera Bowl] when Alex [Sandusky] bought the place," Ernandis said. "I took a part-time job here because I could walk to work. I lived just across the field. Well, I guess I could still walk to work if I wanted to, it's just that everything has grown up around the center."

Growth will happen over a lifetime, and that's how long Ernandis has been behind the snack bar at Sandusky's Colt Riviera Lanes.

"Oh, I'll help at the [control] counter or any place else they need me, but it's the snack bar that I was originally hired for, and that's where I still work on Saturday and Sunday," she said.

Ernandis and her husband, Vito, moved from South Baltimore to Pasadena 35 years ago; a short while later she started her "part-time" employment at the duckpin center.

"I remember we used to sell milkshakes and, of course, hot dogs and hamburgers and french fries," Ernandis said. "I was so green that I didn't know how to make a milkshake; boy, I sure learned quick."

Today you can't get a milkshake at the center, but hot dogs, hamburgers and french fries are available.

It was 1961 when Alex Sandusky took over the operation of Riviera Lanes, 34 years ago that Ernandis began work at the snack bar.

"Oh, sure, a lot of the old Colt players used to come in on Saturdays with Alex," Ernandis said. "And, boy, could those guys eat!"

Point leader

If you've stopped in at Walt Cervenka's pro shop inside Fair Lanes Ritchie any time in the past four or five years, there's a good chance Howard Marshall was there to answer your questions or help you with a problem.

That's how long the pro bowler has been been fitting and drilling bowling balls in Anne Arundel County.

Born in the Ashburton section of Baltimore, Marshall started bowling duckpins at the old Edmondson Village lanes when he was 4. At 7, he was throwing the big ball at Woodlawn. He's been doing it ever since that first day on the tenpin lanes.

Now 32, he's carried a PBA card for more than 10 years.

Curently bowling in the Wednesday Triples at County Lanes in Westminster and practicing whenever work commitments permit, he's averaging 222.

He's posted three 800 sets and owns 10 perfect games. Of more importance is his emergence as a top-notch pro bowler.

Last year Marshall bowled in 18 regional PBA events. He cashed in 15 of them, finished second three times and claimed victory in the Chesapeake [Va.] event. He made the stepladder finals nine times.

When everything was taken into consideration, the number of tournaments, the cashes, the stepladder final finishes, the first- and second-place finishes, Marshall was the point leader for the Eastern Region Professional Bowlers Association.

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