Tampa couldn't hold Young is Glazer next?


Opinion: The people of Tampa will never build a new stadium for Malcolm Glazer. He'll be shopping the team in three years.

Fact: The Bucs traded Steve Young to the 49ers in 1987 for second-round and fourth-round draft picks that turned into players named Bruce Hill and Winston Moss.

Opinion: A 48-game hockey season? Hmm. Let's do it every year.

Fact: The Pittsburgh Steelers didn't throw into the end zone until fourth down of their final, goal-line series against the Chargers last Sunday.

Opinion: Memo to Andre Agassi: Give us a break. Grow your hair back.

Fact: The Chargers are 4-1 when Bobby Ross has two weeks to prepare.

Opinion: If they had played: Penn State 31, Nebraska 27.

Fact: Now that the Chargers are off the list, we're down to eight NFL teams (Seahawks, Bucs, Cardinals, Falcons, Saints, Browns, Oilers, Lions) that have never played in a Super Bowl. (Nine if you count Buffalo.)

Opinion: The new CFL team in Birmingham is making a mistake by hiring Jack Pardee, a competent coach who doesn't know the Canadian game.

Fact: "My missing shoot-arounds and practices doesn't make us lose games," says swell-guy Derrick Coleman.

Opinion: Now that the Rams are gone, look for Al Davis to pitch serious hardballs for a new stadium in Los Angeles.

Fact: Joe Smith was in sixth grade the last time Duke wasn't listed in the AP rankings.

Opinion: If there was going to be a real baseball season, with real players, the Orioles would be wise to sign Andy Van Slyke for no more than one year.

Fact: Jerrod Mustaf and Evers Burns are now dribbling for a living in Greece, Mustaf for a team called PAOK Bravo, Burns for Dafni AO.

Opinion: Their season ruined by injuries, the Bullets would be much better off losing big for the rest of the season and getting a high pick (read: center) in the next draft.

Fact: Milwaukee's Vin Baker leads the NBA in minutes played. Rex Chapman doesn't.

xTC Opinion: The Phoenix Suns, with seven players averaging in double figures, are headed back to the finals this season.

Fact: "It's a closed society, kind of like Hitler's," says Arkansas athletic director Frank Broyles, explaining why he doesn't attend most NCAA conventions.

Opinion: Who needs the NFL? Let's go out and buy the Ohio State Buckeyes! Whaddyamean we can't?

Fact: Larry Brown made the Indiana Pacers come to practice on Christmas Eve, then walked out without running a drill because, he said, the players didn't care.

Opinion: He probably had to get to a job interview.

Fact: There are 36 NBA players making more money than Hakeem Olajuwon.

Opinion: With all due respect, Lenny Wilkens isn't nearly the coach that Red Auerbach was.

Fact: The Blue Jays own the baseball rights to Penn State quarterback Kerry Collins. They drafted him last June.

Opinion: The Cowboys are doing a good job of using up Emmitt Smith, who has averaged 326 carries in his five seasons and played the last two postseasons in pain.

Fact: "I played with a lot of great players, but Mike Schmidt is the best I ever played with," says Pete Rose, who also played with Joe Morgan and Johnny Bench.

Opinion: As much as we would all relish a close Super Bowl for a change, it's not a good sign that the Chargers had trouble stopping the Steelers' passing game.

Fact: Oilers owner Bud Adams on his management style: "I let them hang themselves. I let the noose get up to here, and then I spring the trap door on them."

Opinion: Aside from the 49ers and Cowboys, the AFC is now better than the NFC.

Fact: Major League Soccer officials are considering asking the sport's global fathers to let them increase the size of the goal.

Opinion: The 76ers probably wish they could take that Shawn Bradley pick back, huh?

Fact: Suns coach Paul Westphal recently offered on-air birthday greetings to Rush Limbaugh.

Opinion: Losing a conference game was the best thing that could happen to Fang Mitchell's Coppin Staters. Takes the pressure off come tournament time.

Fact: Rich Kotite will be the fifth head coach in five years for Boomer Esiason.

Opinion: Replacement owners. Now there's an idea.

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