Remember Me: A Slave Song


As when the birds come home again

at Winter's bitter end,

may I return to you in time,

my sweet, once great beleaguered land

and we may share our blessings then;

for I will bear a stronger heart

than that which brought and left me here

with soul neglected

searching for the sun;

though peace has yet to find me,

I, in tilling, seek to find it finally

there within the land

and from the land my soul be lifted up

to find you in the joy of it and peace

will come and take me home or in my place

I send the branches not yet sired

to grow upon the trunk of me

and stretch in mercy upward

stilling thunder in a caustic sky.

Remember me when I come home?

. . . when I would drink your lovely light

and it would see me grow?

. . . my heart to trust in love again.

Here, now, I search for grace

that I must carve a world that is my own

and thus my laughter greet the rain

and may our hardship be as folly

but for this I give my soul;

that you remember me when I come home.

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