Travelers on these flights will need a...

Travelers on these flights will need a lot of stamina

This list is for those who don't mind a long plane ride. The five longest commercial plane flights in the world, as gleaned from a recent Runzheimer International newsletter, are:


1. New York to Johannesburg, South Africa, 7,967 miles, travel time of 14 hours, 24 minutes.

2. Miami to Cape Town, South Africa, 7,650 miles, 13 hours, 36 minutes.


3. Los Angeles to Sydney, Australia, 7,489 miles, 14 hours, 30 minutes.

4. Los Angeles to Hong Kong, 7,230 miles, 15 hours.

5. Frankfurt, Germany, to Buenos Aires, Argentina 7,137 miles, 13 hours, 36 minutes.

The high-speed, high-altitude winds of the jet stream account for more miles being covered in less time in certain directions.

Centenarian hotel puts timely spin on celebration

Travelers to the Eastern Shore may want to take advantage of the yearlong 100th birthday celebration at the Atlantic Hotel in Berlin. Several contests and packages are planned throughout the year. Among them are the Valentine's Day weekend package, which includes flowers, champagne and chocolates for overnight guests, and the Charles Dickens Christmas Celebration.

The 16-room Victorian hotel on North Main Street is inviting anyone who is 100 years old or older to bring a guest and enjoy a free dinner for two in 1995. The hotel also is requesting favorite dessert recipes from the late 1800s or early 1900s for possible use during the year and at the Dickens celebration. If the hotel's chef selects a recipe to be served at the hotel during the year, the person who submitted the recipe will be entitled to a complimentary lunch at Drummer's Cafe in the hotel.

For information, call (410) 641-3589.


Man in the know

Who knows where to get last-minute Super Bowl tickets, which dentist takes appointments after midnight and how to transport a sax autographed by the president from Washington to the Midwest? Javier Loureiro of Four Seasons Hotel, Washington, does, and for that he was named Concierge of the Year in a survey of readers by Andrew Harper's Hideaway Report.

Cooking schools in Bangkok provide hot secrets

If you like to travel and have a real zest for spicy Thai food, you can learn the secrets of creating this "hot" cuisine yourself at famous Thai cooking schools in Bangkok.

Aspiring gourmets and chefs can learn all the techniques for using hot chili peppers as well as spices such as coriander, ginger, lemon grass and cardamom.

The five best-known Thai cooking schools in Bangkok available to travelers include Chalie's Cooking Thai, the Thai Cooking School at the Oriental, UFM Food Centre Co. Ltd., Modern Housewife Centre and Bussaracum Restaurant. Classes are available on a one-day to weeklong basis, and prices start at $120 per person per class, depending on the school.


Adventurous diners will discover a range of flavors and ingredients used in Thai food. The cuisine is a melange of the dishes of China, Indonesia, India, Malaysia and Portugal, but it has a taste of its own.

Rice is a staple in the Thai diet and is usually accompanied by one or two curries, some fish, a soup and a salad. Fresh vegetables are usually stir-fried in a Chinese-style wok and flavored with a creative blend of different spices.

Coconut milk is commonly used for curries, along with lemon grass, shrimp paste, fish sauce and various kinds of chili peppers that range from mild to eye-tearing hot.

For more information about Thai cooking schools, call the Tourism Authority of Thailand, at (212) 432-0433 in New York.