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Bullets say deal for Pippen unlikely


Scottie Pippen wants out of Chicago. Badly. The Bulls, according to reports out of Chicago, seem ready to move him. And the Washington Bullets, as they did in the off-season when Pippen was shopped, have an interest.

But Bullets general manager John Nash -- while saying he has talked with the Bulls -- said fans shouldn't expect a mega-deal that would put Pippen in a Washington uniform.

"We would love to have Scottie Pippen," Nash said. "But the reality is it would take probably more than we have."

Like maybe a proven player. And at least a pair of first-round picks -- high first-round picks. That would be more than the Bullets, who sent three-first round picks to the Golden State Warriors in exchange for Chris Webber, would be willing to part with.

"They want high first-round picks, as in plural," Nash said. "As much as we like Scottie, we're not willing to deal several high-level picks."

Pippen blasted Bulls management for the second time this season in Philadelphia on Wednesday.

"At this stage in my career, I've done a lot for the team and the organization," Pippen said. "If I'm deserving of the treatment I'm getting, someone tell me why. If not, I'm out of here."

Pippen is unhappy with his contract. Considered one of the top five players in the league, Pippen is the third-highest-paid player on the team (behind Toni Kukoc and Ron Harper) and not among the top 40 in the league.

The latest blowup by Pippen may have resulted from an incident after Tuesday's game against the Orlando Magic, when general manager Jerry Krause ordered security guards at the United Center to escort Jimmy Sexton, the agent for Pippen, away from an area near the locker room because Sexton wasn't wearing the proper credential.

Denver Nuggets general manager Bernie Bickerstaff and Los Angeles Clippers coach Bill Fitch say they are interested in dealing for Pippen.

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