Bel Air's Reanrungroch scores rare double at YABA tourney


The 18th annual Cecil-Harford Young American Bowling Alliance Championship tournament at Aberdeen Proving Grounds tenpin lanes last month drew 21 youth teams, 86 single entries and 48 doubles contestants.

"There'll be 96 trophies to give out this Sunday [today] at the presentation," said Bonnie Kisner, YABA spokeswoman. "It was a great turnout."

One of the most difficult trophies to win is the All Events, either scratch or handicap. To claim both is a remarkable achievement.

Andy Reanrungroch did exactly that bowling in Division A, which is the highest ranking for bowlers with an average over 156.

Reanrungroch, a senior at C. Milton Wright High School, lives in ++ Bel Air. Bowling since age 5, Reanrungroch carries a 184 average in the Saturday morning YABA league at Bel Air Bowl; Sunday he bowls with the All Star Youth Travel League. He still manages to find time to work at Bel Air Bowl.

In the recent tournament he averaged over 200 (1,842 for nine games) to win the All Events scratch trophy. His handicap score of 1,995 brought home the handicap trophy.

Was he doing anything different?

"Well, I was concentrating pretty hard," he said. "That's the only reason I can think of for scoring so well."

A little flip

Concentration is great; sometimes the equipment can help.

Donna Smith of Bel Air bowls in two leagues, the Tuesday Baugess Ladies and the Friday Mixed at Bel Air Bowl.

On Dec. 23 in the Friday league, Smith, a member of the Baker's Utilities team, started with a game that was above her 193 average, a 210. Then she slipped into high gear and threw back-to-back 267 games for a 744 series.

More remarkable than the scores is the way she accomplished the feat.

"I used two bowling balls. After the third frame of the third game I switched to another ball," Smith said. "Both of the balls are Nitro R2s, both were drilled by Joe Bonney, but he drilled one to have a little extra flip at the back end."

So, after coming close to a perfect game in Game 2, Smith decided in the third frame of the final game that she needed a little more hitting power. That's when she went to the Nitro R2 that has that "little extra flip."

Immediately, she began striking, from the fourth frame to the ninth where she settled for a spare and finished with another 267 game.

A little light

Brenda Lundeen of Street was just a little light with her last ball.

Using a Green Dragon she bought about three months ago Lundeen had a career night.

Bowling in the Tuesday Mixed league at Forest Hill Lanes, the 176-average Lundeen started her evening in high gear. The first game was a 298, followed by 213 and 196 for a 706 career-high series.

"A couple of the hits [in the 298 game] were a little iffy but most were in the pocket," Lundeen said. "That last ball was a little


And that light hit cost her; the 4-7 were left standing.

The 706 series was two better than her son Eric's 704 in the same league on the same night.

Christmas Seniors

Lil Ryan, Edgewood senior tenpin bowler, writes from there: "Again the seniors came though for the needy this year. Since last Christmas, we gave $1,180 worth of food to feed the hungry. At Christmas we gave to seven families and also gave food to several churches for distribution."

The seniors that Ryan writes about are the senior bowlers at Fair Lanes Edgewood. Bill Wolferman, one of those seniors, collected more than $700 to buy shoes for children.

Ryan added that the Atlantic City Monday Morning League and the Fair Lanes employees at Edgewood supported the projects.

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