Why Can't Republicans Work with Democrats?I would...


Why Can't Republicans Work with Democrats?

I would like to bring to the attention of all voters a trend that is both counterproductive and irresponsible. Republicans have been waging a very negative and nasty campaign against Democrats and they are doing it in a very underhanded and sometimes hidden manner. Obviously, it seems to be working and I think it's time to bring examples to the attention of all voters.

One of our newly elected delegates, Nancy Jacobs, recently wrote a column in a local newspaper entitled "Dinosaur." In it, she made two statements that were blatant examples of anti-Democrat propaganda.

In one sentence, she stated, "I will grant to the well-intentioned liberals . . ." First of all, due to Rush Limbaugh and this negative campaign, "liberal" has been made into a bad word. Everything that has gone wrong in government has been blamed on "liberals."

I am asking everyone to consider that the word and connotation of the word "liberal" is a good one and that the so-called "liberals" are not to blame for everything that is wrong in government. . . . Although most liberal-thinking people would consider themselves Democrats, I know "liberals" in both parties and "conservatives" in both parties.

The second example in this same article was the statement, "I am now in the process of working with other Republican legislators . . ." Is this a one-way policy or what?

If her idea is solid and has merit, why can't she work with Democrats as well? Republicans are trying, with some success, to make Democrats the "untouchables" . . . I believe this is an immoral and underhanded method of "getting your own way by pushing down others perceived to be a threat."

Democrats do not have this negative party campaigning as a policy and are in a dilemma. Do they fight fire with fire? Or do they rise above it and try to point out to the people examples of what is happening and just how much a negative media campaign has accomplished. . . .

Linda Riley


No More 'Big Brother'

For three hours every day I listen to this guy, Tom Marr, get on the radio and try to knock the hell out of the new emissions test that will take place next year. Tom Marr should realize that this is the greatest thing (for the Republicans) to come down the pike since Nov. 8. I cannot think of any other thing that could play such an important part in destroying the Democratic Party here in Maryland. I'm one Democrat who will go south if this emission test comes into being, and one who is disgusted with "Big Brother."

James G. Piluk


Hunting, not Housing

As a subscriber to The Sun, I was disappointed to read a copy of the "Text of citizens report on Harford County's future." Unfortunately, the text did not include a single word about establishing wildlife management and conservation areas where Harford County residents can hunt and fish, or about establishing public shooting ranges where Harford County residents can conduct target practice or shoot competitively.

Have our politicians and public analysts forgotten that these activities are part of our national heritage? Although priority four, "Construct public facilities which build communities," would appear to be the appropriate place to mention such facilities, the report focused on the need to establish "specialized housing."

It seems to me that if Harford County is looking to invest money into facilities which will build the community, provide some value added, and, for once, have a high payoff, I ask that our elected officials consider the following facts: The efforts and contributions of shooting sports enthusiasts in 1994 alone have helped buy more than 4 million acres of wildlife habitat and leased more than 50 million acres. In 1993, excise taxes and hunting license fees generated a total of $774 million in revenue. In 1992, the cumulative economic benefit of hunting and shooting sports in this country totaled $35 billion and resulted in 680,000 jobs. America's 20 million hunters and 6 million target shooters have annually funded more than 75 percent of the cost of wildlife management in the United States through license fees and excise taxes. In fact, nearly 70 percent of the wildlife management areas have been used for non-hunting activities during out-of-season periods, such as camping, hiking and bird-watching.

With all this in mind, I can only conclude that if Harford County truly wants to "construct public facilities which build communities," then the focus should be on developing hunting, fishing and shooting facilities, rather than on building "specialized housing."

Thomas E. Maloney

Bel Air

Post-Election Diatribe

A post-election December in Harford County just wouldn't be complete without another dysfunctional diatribe from Soltis-from-Fallston. His pernicious, slur-filled and bilious attack upon Theresa Pierno was typical of the tripe we've had to suffer from him for years. Indeed, it was chock full of the gospel according to Soltis, but, as always, very thin on truth and facts.

Even cursory glance at the campaign contributors list of Joanne Parrott would reveal who bankrolled her wafer-thin victory. Could these big-time developers and builders possibly be who Soltis disingenuously refers to as "the will of the majority"? Whose agenda will be served in the next four years? Both the county executive and the County Council president received truckloads cash from developers and builders. Will repayment be "due on demand"? At what cost will "paid in full" come to the taxpayers of Harford County? I know I'll be watching with much interest.

James J. Pinto

Bel Air

Foreign Exchange Thanks

I would like to thank you for publishing my letter in The Sun for Harford County (Dec. 18). Now, we foreign exchange students can participate in the graduation ceremony. I also would like to thank the principal of my school who allowed foreign exchange students to participate in the ceremony and many activities as seniors do. We foreign exchange students really appreciate that.

Prayut Apisitsareekul

Bel Air

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