Art classes set at Montpelier range widely


Montpelier Cultural Arts Center has just released its 1995 schedule of art classes. The classes begin Jan. 28 at the center at 12826 Laurel-Bowie Road in Laurel. There's an enormous variety offered, including beginning pottery for adults, watercolor and oil painting techniques, photography, sculpture, weaving and stained glass.

Most classes run for several weeks during evenings and Saturday afternoons. For more information about classes or gallery times, call the center at (301) 490-2329.


The Savage Boys and Girls Club has resumed its basketball schedule after the Christmas holidays.

In the last week of play before the winter hiatus, the Spartans beat the Tigers 30-20. Kevin Showe, Scott Peddicord and Scott Shores led for the Spartans, while Kim Myrick, Brian Briggs and Preston Gunther put in an outstanding effort for the Tigers.

The Terrapins defeated the Bucks 23-12, with Brian Nagle, Alex Arciero and Tyler Annett leading the Terrapins. Erdem Mustafa, Mathew Patterson and Jeff Kessler led for the Bucks.

The Gophers defeated the Wildcats 16-9. Teddy Pope led the scoring for the Gophers, with great rebounding by Paul Johnsen and visible hustle by Maggie McKenna. Ray Curley, Karyn Curley and Jason Moore gave 100 percent for the Wildcats.

The Wolverines beat the Cavaliers 17-4. C. J. O'Dell led the defense for the Wolverines, while Katie Ryan and Sean McLean played an outstanding game. The spectators noted the extra effort by Bradley Abt, Bryan Scanlon and Brenda Scanlon for the Cavaliers.

In the Junior league, the Gophers beat the Spartans 35-18. Chris Trigger and Chris Riley led the scoring for the Gophers with Adam Engelkemier's help. Chris, Justin and Patrick Kevan put in an all-out effort for the Spartans.

The Badgers beat the Hawkeyes 39-24. Steven Taylor, Kelley Morrison, and Ben Peters led the Badgers to victory. James Blackwood and Nick Gallas did a terrific job of rebounding for the Hawkeyes, with Megan Reynold's efforts well noted.

In the Intermediate league, the Hawks narrowly defeated the Lakers 44-42. The Hawks got great assistance from Chris Polan, Jason London and Jason Harriman. The Lakers showed great hustle on the part of Ryan Miller, George Voneiff and Nathan Heath.

The Knicks beat the Jazz 63-41. Earl Kelly, Mike Ryan and Steve Pyles led for the Knicks. Drew Lowry, Chris Johnson and Chris Bodenner did a great job for the Jazz.

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