After 22 responses by police, judge puts quarrelsome couple on notice


David Michael Hisley and his wife, Elveda, are going to have to brawl more quietly from now on -- if they want to stay out of court.

One more call to 911, by either one of the Hisleys, or a neighbor, will mean jail time for Mr. Hisley, said Judge Patricia S. Pytash during Mr. Hisley's Tuesday court appearance on battery charges.

"Any more complaints and away he goes," Judge Pytash told the couple, who had apparently made up.

In 1994, police responded to no fewer than 22 emergency calls from the Hisleys' former addresses in Tidewater Village and Williams Estates, according to 911 records. Police said they were steady customers even before that.

Most of the calls were domestic violence or disturbance complaints. Both of the Hisleys have been arrested for battering each other.

Mr. Hisley's latest bout with the law involved two battery charges brought by his wife and a police officer after a June 1 incident. Judge Pytash said Mr. Hisley's one-year sentence would be suspended -- as long as there were no more 911 calls. She also told Mrs. Hisley to behave.

"This is a continual thing. These situations have got to stop," she declared. "I want to be sure they are not using the Police Department. Domestic violence is a very serious thing."

On the night before Mr. Hisley's latest court appearance, police were called to the Hisleys' new apartment on yet another domestic violence call, according to Officer A. R. Taylor of the White Marsh Precinct, who has become a familiar figure to the squabbling couple.

"There have been weeks when I have come three times in a row," he told the court.

He said Mr. Hisley kicked him during the June 1 incident, which occurred after Mrs. Hisley locked her husband out of their mobile home. Mr. Hisley forced his way inside, grabbed his wife and threw her to the ground, police said. They began fighting, according to police reports.

Mr. Hisley had a bloody lip and Mrs. Hisley had scrapes on her knee, elbow and left leg when the brawl was over.

Police arrested them both.

They had been fighting over who was going to move out of the mobile home.

Mr. Hisley, 32, who is unemployed, told the judge he had an alcohol problem.

"I get crazy when I drink," he said. "I promise I won't be back. You don't have to worry about it, judge."

The couple walked out of court together.

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