$56 million mail-sorter pact awarded to Westinghouse


The local Westinghouse Electric Corp. division has been awarded a $56 million contract from the U.S. Postal Service for the construction of equipment designed to speed the delivery of mail.

The federal agency picked the Linthicum plant yesterday to produce more than 400 automated mail-sorting machines capable of reading the address on a letter or package and translating it into a bar code. The bar code quickens the sorting process as the mail makes its way through the postal system.

The automated equipment will be used at the Postal Service's central mail collecting hubs around the country, such as Baltimore's main post office on East Fayette Street.

In recent years, Westinghouse has received more than $200 million in Postal Service orders for automated mail-sorting equipment.

Earlier this year, Westinghouse was awarded a $7 million Postal Service contract to build "smart" electronic stamp vending machines. The sophisticated equipment can send a signal to a command monitoring center when it is low on stamps or having a mechanical problem.

Westinghouse got into the postal equipment business several years ago to lesson its dependence on military contracts.

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