Blockbuster Park plan for Florida killed by Viacom


FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. -- H. Wayne Huizenga's dream of a sports and entertainment complex on the edge of the Everglades has died, the victim of his decision to sell Blockbuster Entertainment earlier this year.

The company that bought Blockbuster in September for $8 billion decided this week to kill the mega-development known as Blockbuster Park.

Blockbuster's parent company, Viacom Inc., didn't want to build the project -- not in the way Blockbuster and Mr. Huizenga did.

"There are only so many things one company can do," Mr. Huizenga said. Viacom owns MTV and Paramount Pictures and is seeking to launch a television network.

Mr. Huizenga had envisioned a complex on the scale of Disney World. The park was to encompass 2,500 acres and include stadiums for two professional sports teams owned by Mr Huizenga.

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