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Bullets guard Skiles hints at retirement after season


LANDOVER -- Scott Skiles isn't ready to drop a bombshell by announcing that he's walking away from the game.

But he's thinking about it.

In his ninth season -- and the Washington Bullets' first in years with a legitimate point guard -- Skiles said he'll decide about his future when the season ends.

"It's not something I'm spending a lot of time thinking about," Skiles said. "But near the end of the season, when the time comes, I'll talk about it."

Before becoming a member of the Bullets in July, Skiles spent the previous five seasons with the Orlando Magic.

"My home's in Orlando," said Skiles, a native of Indiana. "Nobody, when they're 30, wants to up and leave when they settle down."

"I'm almost certain I'll have the opportunity to stay in the league if I want," he added. "We'll see."

A part-time player whose progress was hurt by injuries as he bounced from Milwaukee to Indiana, Skiles established himself as an NBA player in Orlando, where he established the NBA single-game record for assists with 30 in 1991.

He's established a reputation as a fiery player, which is a big reason why the Bullets were so eager to acquire him to replace Michael Adams.

"I've played a long time, I'm going on 600 NBA games," he said. "I'm just not sure what I want to do.

"I'm not thinking I want to play three more years and get a nice deal. If I want to play somewhere next year, I'll play next year. I don't feel the same urge."

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