Want a depressing reminder of what lies...


Want a depressing reminder of what lies ahead for Marylanders in the coming months?

Read on, courtesy of the Easton Star-Democrat, which enlightened readers of its editorial page about what the change of seasons will likely mean on the Eastern Shore:

"It hardly seems fair. But weather forecasters are calling for only a slightly less difficult winter this year than this past one. Less ice, but more snow, they say.

"The hard-hit trees have not recovered yet from the devastation of the ice storms of '94. We know homeowners who still haven't finished cleaning up all the downed limbs from those once-in-a-century (we hope) ice storms.

"The warm, gentle fall the area has enjoyed has allowed us to put off a bit longer than usual the facing of the reality of winter.

"Still it's time to face the cold truth.

"So, we have done our obligatory check on whether our roads departments are preparing for winter snow and icy roads. They are.

"The more important question is whether the people are prepared to go through this again. Winter, cold, ice, snow. Sigh."

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