Susan Margoles, 48, who fought to allow...


Susan Margoles, 48, who fought to allow the disabled to live at home and battled her own paralyzing disease, died Saturday of pneumonia in St. Paul, Minn. In 1987, she testified before Congress in support of a legislator who was trying to get more federal money for home health care. She sued Ramsey County in 1989 to get it to pay for in-home nursing care. A judge ordered the county to move her from a nursing home back to her St. Paul residence on an experimental basis. She also founded and became executive director of the Minnesota Home Care Advocacy Program, a nonprofit group designed to help disabled people live at home.

Horst Schulmann, 61, a member of the policy-setting council of the German central bank, died Thursday of cancer in Frankfurt, Germany. In 1992, he became chairman of Bundesbank in the German state of Hesse, one of nine regional divisions in the central bank.

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