Here's to four duckpin devotees at Riviera who got good breaks


Even after of years of throwing a 3-pound-plus ball at 10 little pins, you never can be sure what the next day of duckpin bowling will bring. Or the next game.

The only thing that you can be sure of is that in the wilderness of 1-5 chops, 7-8 or 9-10 splits that a great game or a great series occasionally will shine through.

Four bowlers at Riviera Bowl had it happen in the past month.

* Susan Kink, born and raised in Anne Arundel County and bowling since the age of 8, bowls in the Wednesday Mixed league.

The first Wednesday of November, King fired a 190 game, a 136 and a 133 for a 459 series.

"I wasn't doing a thing different," she said. "I just made sure that I followed through on every ball."

Neither the 190 game nor the 459 set was up to her career marks of 202 and 489, respectively, but both were the kind of scores that make you keep coming back.

* After 31 years on the duckpin lanes, you learn to take the good with the bad.

"That makes about the eighth all-mark game I've thrown," Vic Ostrowski said. "But you can forget the other two games. And I was on the pro tour for eight years. Now it's just the one league."

That's the Tuesday Men's Commercial. And if his pro league 140-plus average is down to 138, his ability to string strikes still returns on occasion. Owner of a high game of 224 and a high set of 529, the Pasadena resident started Nov. 8 with two spares, then got a four-bagger, spares in the seventh and eighth frames, a strike in the ninth and finished with a spare for a 220 game.

"And that four-bagger earned me some money," he said. "We put a dollar into a kitty every night and the first bowler to throw a four-bagger gets the money, so I received $280."

* John Biederman spreads his duckpin bowling around: Wednesday night it's the Men's Quads at Brooklyn Duckpin Center, Thursday it's Fair Lanes Southwest and on Tuesday it's the Men's Majors at Riviera Bowl.

"I started bowling when I was a kid," Biederman said. "Then about five years ago I started again. Last year I couldn't bowl because of shift work."

Now Biederman is averaging 137, and in the Riviera Bowl league earlier this month he posted a 200 game, followed with a 152 and 129 for a solid 481 series; his career high set is 502, high game 210.

* "I just seem to be bowling better this year," Sandy Greenstreet said with a laugh. "Jerry [her husband] says it's his coaching."

After a career spanning 22 years, and a single league, something has her game on the rise. After a 111 average last year, the Pasadena resident is rolling along at 120 clip.

Earlier this month in the Friday Sun Valley League, Greenstreet posted both her career-high figures -- a 192 game with a 150 and 134 for a 476 series.

Tournament coming up

Riviera Bowl will conduct the Coors Light Handicap Doubles tournament Dec. 10-11. For information on this major event, call (410) 255-3550.

Help fight cystic fibrosis

Next Sunday, Fair Lanes Southdale and Annapolis Bowl will conduct Bowl USA. It's open to tenpin bowlers of all ages, and proceeds benefit the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation. Information: (410) 771-9000.

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