Belgrad lays law on the line

NOTEworthy Day:

Friends are hearing from Herb Belgrad, who took volunteerism to new heights, that he's contemplating retirement as chairman of the Maryland Stadium Authority to give total concentration to the practice of law. Plus, it gives the incoming governor a chance to make his or her own appointment to the position, which is political protocol.


* In a new book, "The Greatest Team of All-Time," there's one Oriole, Brooks Robinson, with the rest of the lineup including Babe Ruth, Ty Cobb, Willie Mays, Hans Wagner, Jackie Robinson, Lou Gehrig, Johnny Bench, Walter Johnson and Sandy Koufak. . . . Did anyone notice that the Baltimore CFLs outdrew the University of Maryland homecoming game with Tulane by 15,000? . . . Hillendale's new clubhouse is three weeks ahead of schedule and the expansive driving range is taking shape.

* McCormick & Co., made the perfect promotion, raising Mac Barrett, the former Gilman and Dartmouth athlete, to vice-president of communications. . . . If the Orioles send Syd Thrift, new director of player personnel on the banquet circuit, he'll win friends for the club by dint of his colorful speaking ability. . . . Hopefully, WBAL realizes what a treasure it has in Jim West, a man with a smile to his voice, even at 5 a.m., who continues to perform in a manner that's unsurpassed when it comes to delivering fast-moving sports updates. . . . Take a ticket on it: Mediator William Usery will solve the baseball strike.


* After closing the Pro Golf shop in Severna Park, owner Greg Fudge signed on as Eastern sales manager for Jack Nicklaus' equipment line. . . . Leon Hack, a former City College athlete, has a sign in front of his house near Queenstown that's aptly named "Up The Creek" . . . Paul Brown of Financial World magazine doesn't believe 19 or 14 major-league teams lost money; his information puts the in-the-red number at six.

* A distinguished honor for Jim Ports, operator of Sportsline sporting goods on Belair Road, who on Friday will be inducted into the U.S. Slo-Pitch Softball Hall of Fame in Chandler, Ariz., for 42 years of contributions as a player, coach, sponsor and administrator. . . . Box Seat Productions' Don Grauer is putting on the most ambitious card-signing, memorabilia show Saturday and Sunday at the Pikesville Armory with 22 different players, mostly Orioles, dividing time over the two days, including such originals as Don Larsen and George Kell. . . . Ex-Colt lineman Glenn Ressler's son is in a doctoral program at MIT -- which tells you he's much like his father, who never missed a signal.

* Lack of consistency kept Eugene "Big Daddy" Lipscomb out of the Pro Football Hall of Fame but Gino Marchetti still believes he belongs. . . . Colt Band president John Ziemann and his volunteer musicians say they're indebted to Athens Cleaners for 15 years of valuable contributions to the organization. . . . Dr. Joseph Martire, who has given much to sports, will receive the "Physician's Distinguished Service Award" from the Baltimore County Medical Association.

* The Johnny Bass/Frank Cucci Golf Tournament raised over $200,000 in 13 years for Loyola College's student athletes. . . . If the Orioles are looking for a different pitcher to throw out the opening game ball next season, they should seriously consider inviting the new Baltimore Cardinal, William Keeler, who isn't sure if he's related to the great old Oriole, Wee Willie Keeler. They have the same first, middle and last names.

* Virginia Beach is taking a cue from Ocean City and trying to merchandise itself as a convenient golf option, rather than making the trip to Myrtle Beach. . . . Ron Hansen off to a fast start as new president of Maryland Professional Baseball Players' Association. . . . For the second time, Gene Shue is nominated for the Basketball Hall of Fame in the coaching category but the selectors shouldn't forget his excellence as a scorer from the backcourt and a defensive player who was especially tough on Bob Cousy. . . . From the last speech given by Vince Lombardi, June 21, 1970, in Dayton, Ohio, he offered this guiding fatherly advice, "You don't do things right once in awhile. You do things right all the time."

* It's not a bad bet the Los Angeles Rams will remain the Los Angeles Rams. . . . Maryland racing gathered momentous attention with Concern winning the Breeders' Cup Classic but it was disappointing the horse didn't come home to a victory parade through downtown Baltimore.

* Charlie Eckman, the best basketball official Maryland ever produced, gets the testimonial treatment next month in Glen Burnie when he's honored at a banquet that benefits the Boy Scouts of Anne Arundel County. . . . Cliff Mapes has a distinction, the only Yankee to wear two numbers that were later retired, Babe Ruth's No. 3 and Mickey Mantle's No. 7. . . You're getting to be a "young old-timer" if you remember when Catholic University and Western Maryland College were national football powers.