Won't quit jobs, say winning Lotto couple


An article in The Sun yesterday about Maryland Lotto winners and non-winners should have described non-winner Stanley Klein as an endodontist, who does root canals.

The Sun regrets the error.

Connie Klein designs hair-dos. Husband Stanley designs kitchens. Today, the Pikesville couple say, that part of their lives will not change -- despite winning one of Maryland's largest Lotto jackpots.

"We've worked hard all our lives," Stanley Klein said last night, a few hours after he and his wife of 30 years claimed a prize worth $10 million at the Maryland Lottery offices. "We really enjoy what we do."

"I just want to do good with it," said Concetta "Connie" Klein, who preferred not to identify the beauty shop where she works. Her husband is self-employed.

The winning numbers in Saturday night's drawing were Mrs. Klein's favorites -- a combination she played regularly. This time, she waited in line for 40 minutes at Milford Mill Liquors to make her usual two-ticket purchase. She preferred not to divulge what the winning numbers were derived from, for personal reasons.

Mrs. Klein said she was getting ready to go to an exercise class Sunday when she checked the numbers and found out she had beat the Lotto game's approximately 7,000,000-to-1 odds.

"She was screaming to me to come into the living room," Mr. Klein told Lottery officials, "so I thought she had seen a ladybug or a spider or something -- she always screams when she sees bugs."

But with a prize that will pay the couple 20 annual installments of $500,000 -- before taxes -- they can afford an exterminator. They also planned to share their good fortune with their three children -- two from Mr. Klein's previous marriage, and one from their own -- and four grandchildren.

For the record, the other Stanley Klein -- a dentist whose phone began ringing last night with inquiries -- was not the winner, and his life will change even less. His daughter, Kim, said Dr. Klein will still be pulling teeth today.

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