Dundee says Foreman could KO Moorer


LAS VEGAS -- Angelo Dundee, the trainer who was in Muhammad Ali's corner the night he upset George Foreman in rTC Zaire 20 years ago, will be working with Foreman tonight when the former champion challenges Michael Moorer.

"I honestly think George can knock him out," said Dundee. "I'm looking for it to end in the sixth or seventh round."

Dundee believes Moorer's left-handed style, which befuddled Evander Holyfield, should not prove puzzling to Foreman.

"Moorer is really a turned-around fighter," he said. "His right is his power hand. But he's no ballerina. He'll be there to be hit, and George will nail him."

Weighty matte

Moorer's trainer, Teddy Atlas, said the champion, who scaled a career-high 222, did not put on the extra pounds in order to trade punches with the massive Foreman, 250.

"Psychologically, it doesn't hurt to be a little bigger and stronger to deal with a guy with pure size," said Atlas. "But I'm not going to be foolish and say we're trying to match strength with Foreman. This isn't a wrestling match."

Cruise control

Little-known David Izegwire (16-0) the International Boxing Organization cruiserweight king from Nigeria who is fighting out of Washington, will get national TV exposure on CBS today when he battles Adolpho Washington (23-2-2) of Lexington, Ky., at the Aladdin Hotel.

Izegwire, who knocked former champion Bobby Czyz into retirement, is seeking a more lucrative title showdown with World Boxing Association champ Orlin Norris.


Sizing up the heavyweight division, Don King, who controls new World Boxing Council champion Oliver McCall, said, "It's abysmal, the worst shape the heavyweight class has ever been. Anybody, on a given day, can win. Yesterday's nobody is today's somebody." . . . The MGM Grand, which has replaced Caesars Palace as the major site for fights, would like to stage an eight-man elimination heavyweight tournament to set up challenges for Moorer and/or Foreman. But King would not allow Tony Tucker or Mike Tyson, when he is released from prison, to compete in such an event.

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