Boiling pointEven after a 34-point victory, Bills...


Boiling point

Even after a 34-point victory, Bills running back Thurman Thomas found a reason to get mad.

Thomas ran for 77 yards and a touchdown yesterday as the Bills bounced back from a loss to Indianapolis with a 44-10 victory over Kansas City. After the game, Thomas reluctantly faced the media and quickly grew tired of questions about the team's past troubles.

When asked whether the players ever wondered about their stalled offense, Thomas said:

"I never saw the point . . . yeah, we're scoring less points, but we still have a winning record," Thomas said. "You media people, y'all write all that . . . about 'They need to do this and they need to do that.'

"Hey, we're going to do what we want to do. I don't [care] what y'all say or how y'all go about saying it. We're going to do it they way we want to do it.

"And I might take a lot of criticism after I leave this podium or whatever, but y'all are not playing. Half of you in here don't even know how to play football. All right? So don't even ask no stupid question like that. You want to come up with a game plan? You come up with a game plan."

A reporter then asked if the Bills wanted to use the big victory over the Chiefs to build momentum for the second half of the season.

"I think 44 points is enough momentum," Thomas said, storming out. When the reporter tried to follow up, Thomas told him to shut up. The New York Giants, one of the main opponents of using instant replay to help officials, were ready to vote for its return after feeling victimized by three calls in their 28-25 overtime loss to the Detroit Lions.

All three calls led to Detroit scores, and replay might have resulted in two of them being overturned.

The most blatant came in overtime on a first-and-10 from the New York 36. Scott Mitchell hit Herman Moore on a short pass and Giants safety Jarvis Williams slammed into him, knocking the receiver to a knee at the 33. Replay clearly showed his knee down.

However, the officials didn't blow the play dead and Moore got up and was tackled at the Giants' 7. Two plays later, Jason Hanson kicked a game-winning 24-yard field goal.

"If it touched, I barely felt it," Moore said.

Referee Gary Lane refused to comment on the play.

The one that annoyed the Giants even more was a 1-yard touchdown pass on a third-and-goal from Mitchell to Moore that put Detroit ahead 25-18 with 8:48 to play.

Side judge Don Wedge emphatically ruled Moore never had possession of the ball even though the receiver out-jumped cornerback Corey Raymond on the corner fade pattern.

His fellow officials overruled him.

"The field judge and head linesman both came down and told the side judge that they had [seen] two feet clearly down with possession of the ball," Lane said. "And when the man started to go down is when he lost the ball."

The replay shown in the press box was not conclusive.

Art Monk update

Art Monk scored his first touchdown with the New York Jets and the 66th of his career in the second quarter. He extended his streak of consecutive games with at least one reception to 172 games, five short of Steve Largent's NFL record.

Going home

The Seattle Seahawks will play their first game of 1994 in the Kingdome Sunday against the Cincinnati Bengals. They played their first three home games at the University of Washington while the Kingdome ceiling and roof were repaired.

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