Suit claims trailer park owner failed to repay $30,248 loan


A Bel Air woman is suing the owner of an apparently defunct Edgewood trailer park, alleging that she lent him more than $30,000 in 1991 that he has not been repaid.

Pamela Lynn Lord, the plaintiff, of the 900 block of Buckland Place, filed the civil lawsuit against John Phillip Seisman in Harford Circuit Court Friday.

The lawsuit lists Mr. Seisman's address as unknown.

In the lawsuit, Ms. Lord contends that Mr. Seisman agreed in November 1993 to pay her $25,000 as soon as he had sold the trailer park, Reeds at Bay View, located in Edgewood at 3001 Pulaski Highway.

The park is still there, but the mobile home serving as the sales office has been removed from the property.

Ms. Lord contends that Mr. Seisman said he would repay her within about 60 days.

The plaintiff contends that Mr. Seisman refused to make the payment on several occasions and thus breached the contract he had with her.

Ms. Lord is seeking a judgment for $30,248 plus interest.

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