Rehrmann on FarmsAs a resident who has...

Rehrmann on Farms

As a resident who has been farming in Harford County for more years than I care to remember, I fully appreciate the great job Eileen Rehrmann has done as county executive. Eileen Rehrmann promised to preserve our farmlands and she did just that. Her rural plan already has saved more than 2,000 acres from development, and that's just the beginning.


Mrs. Rehrmann said she was going to do something about overdevelopment and she did. She put through programs that halt new development in areas where schools are overcrowded and water, sewer and roads are inadequate. She was faced with some tough economic decisions and she made the right decisions. Harford County is in top financial shape and we have a surplus to guard against another economic hit.

Eileen Rehrmann feels strongly that Harford County's quality of life needs to be preserved. She's hard-working and dedicated, and she knows how to get things done.


James B. Reeves

Forest Hill

Szczybor's Schools

A fair warning to teachers, parents and kids voting -- Ron Szczybor invoked the name of Habern Freeman multiple times during the county executive debate of Oct. 5, saying or implying that Mr. Freeman is friend, adviser and role model. Many educators and parents have not-so-fond memories of school support during the Freeman "reign." We were delighted that Mr. Szczybor so kindly pointed out that Eileen Rehrmann "is no Habern Freeman." . . .

Patricia White

Havre de Grace

Szczybor's Work

As a citizen volunteer, I have been actively involved with Harford County government during the last 30 years. For the last six years, I have been a member of the council's Budget Advisory Board as well as a member of the Chamber of Commerce's Legislative Affairs Committee.


Ron Szczybor, candidate for county executive, has also volunteered his time and has been a very active member of these vital committees. I have found Ron to be a very intelligent and savvy individual who has worked hard to insure that the citizens of Harford County are being fairly represented. I am supporting Ron in his bid for county executive and am strongly recommending that my friends and associates do likewise.

Charles L. Brockmeyer Sr.

Bel Air

Politics as Usual

I am writing to express my support for the Republican candidate for county executive, Ron Szczybor. I am a former supporter of the incumbent, Eileen Rehrmann, in 1990.

I believe that the election of Ron Szczybor in 1994 will represent ++ a significant break from "politics as usual" as it is known in Harford County. Originally, I thought Ron Szczybor was too conservative and brash, but the more I got to know him, the more I found that he is an intelligent, informed person who is willing to work with people from all walks of life in Harford County. Though in the past I disagreed with some of Ron's positions, I found that he was open and receptive and that his running for executive was motivated by the same disappointment I felt over the incumbent. That Ron is well-educated and has a solid background in finances and has worked on at least two advisory committees augurs well for Harford countians.


As for Eileen Rehrmann, I believe I am not alone in tiring of her brand of power politics, divide-and-conquer rule and inside maneuvering. I am tired of her politically calculating moves that evaluate every initiative and proposal in terms of what kind of personal advantage it will bring her. This is a woman who speaks with little conviction about the issues to the day. . . . Many people, including myself, have helped her but are disappointed that she has not been where she was needed. . . .

Christopher C. Boardman


Jacobs on Abortion


This is a response to a letter to the editor by Sue Maule of Bel Air in The Sun for Harford County (Oct. 23) . . . Don't be taken in by opponents' mischaracterizations of Nancy Jacobs' position on abortion. Whie holding a pro-life position, Nancy has not made abortion a major issue in her race. The fact is, the abortion problem is a non-issue in Maryland at this time.


It is impossible for one delegate to "deprive women of their

perceived right to choice." Any major change in abortion rights in this county will undoubtedly come from the federal courts. . . .

Maryland needs leaders like Nancy. After eight years as a lobbyist in Annapolis, she knows the key people and the processes of Maryland government. . . . Get the facts. Call Nancy before you make your decision. She's not afraid to discuss the issues.

Marco Ciavolino


More on Jacobs


I have been a health teacher at Edgewood High School since 1990. Someone needs to set the record straight concerning Nancy Jacobs' position on sex and AIDS education. So far, I've heard little that resembles the truth -- just distortions being used for the political gain of her opponents.

I have personally spoken with Mrs. Jacobs on numerous occasions about our county's Family Life Curriculum and AIDS education programs. The only criticism she has had was concerning a program that put a heavy emphasis on the use of condoms as the cure-all to protect our young people from acquiring AIDS. Mrs. Jacobs felt, as do many health educators, that if young people are given the true facts, they will make intelligent decisions.

To not accurately inform our students about the failure rate of condoms is giving them a false sense of security. . . . Jacobs and a local doctor questioned some medical inaccuracies found in the program and consequently some changes were made. She also asked the school board to consider requiring parental consent before a program of a controversial nature is presented to students. The school board made this policy as well. Jacobs' own two daughters attended the program in question at their high school in Joppatowne.

In my view, Mrs. Jacobs is a very reasonable woman and a person who looks out for the good of our children and community.

Stephanie Ducote



Kick the Bums Out

This coming election for governor is the first time in many years where the choice for the voters is so black and white. Two candidates with decidely different understandings of and approaches to the problems of our state's large deficit.

During the primary, Mickey Steinberg was correct. Parris Glendening's program to overcome state deficits by making promised increases in spending by $300 million is clearly a lost cause. Our current problems are already traceable to too much spending. . . .

On the other hand, Ellen Sauerbrey comes to the campaign from . . . the front line of the state legislature. She is a proven, consistent leader in the opposition to waste, big government and state excesses. . . .

During the entire primary campaign, all other candidates ridiculed Ellen's program, but that was because none of them had any concept of how to plan and budget within the confines of actual revenues and still provide all services plus money for wage increases and other needed programs. . . . Don't elect any of those whose record and statements supported the programs or budgets that created the present dilemma. . . . Kick the bums out.

Fred C. Lange


White Hall