Save those '94 Super Team cards


The baseball strike hasn't been settled; nor has the NHL's lockout. But two card companies have their solutions to the dilemma of the exchange cards for the games that haven't been played.

Super Team cards were inserted randomly in Topps' Series I Stadium Club baseball for the second year. Cards could be redeemed for prizes if the team pictured won its division, league or the World Series.

Topps is postponing the exchanges and will honor '94 cards for the 1995 winners, according to spokesman Stu Wade, even though Super Team cards also are planned for '95 Stadium Club.

Super Team cards are also a part of Stadium Club hockey this year. "Even if there's a shortened season, they'll count for this year," says Wade.

Upper Deck's "You Crash the Game" insert cards for Parkhurst Series One are winners if the player's team wins on at least one of the game dates on the card back. Collectors are entitled to a 28-card silver-foil set for one winning date or a gold-foil set for two winning dates.

Upper Deck is treating all postponed dates as winners, so any card with a missed date is worth a silver-foil set. "Since more than one-third of the 'You Crash the Game' dates take place in the first month of the NHL season, we don't want hockey fans and collectors penalized by the delay in the start of the season," says Steve Mitgang, Upper Deck's president of marketing and sales.

Hoops wrapper trade-in

Collectors who send 32 wrappers from 1994 NBA Hoops Series 1 cards and a check or money order for $15.50 (payable to Shaq 32 Press Sheet) will receive a 100-card uncut press sheet of Shaquille O'Neal. Photos from SkyBox and NBA Hoops cards have been made into a new design for this sheet. O'Neal will autograph 100 random sheets. Send wrappers, check or money order, name, address, phone number and date of birth to: Shaq 32 Press Sheet Offer, P.O. Box 520, Church Hill, Md. 21690. Offer expires March 1, 1995 or when supplies are exhausted.

Leaf hockey

Leaf hockey returns with a 330-card first series this month. Fronts are borderless, and the player's name and Leaf logo are stamped in gold foil. Three of four photos form the background for the card back. Inserts include Gold Leaf Stars (10 cards featuring 20 players), Gold Leaf Rookies (15 cards) and Leaf Limited (18 cards).

Topps NFL Series II

Topps' NFL season continues with 330 cards in Series II in early November. A 25-card insert set features 25 All-Pros on foil-backed, foil-stamped cards.

More Ben Coates

Pacific Trading Cards was the first to picture New England Patriots star tight end Ben Coates on a card and has been so proud that it has issued weekly news releases on Coates' accomplishments. Action Packed has Coates, too. He's one of three Patriots and is No. 71.

Here comes '95

The fourth annual 13-month calendar based on lithographs from Bill Goff Inc. is available. It includes six bygone ballparks (Crosley Field, Sportsman's Park, Ebbets Field, Griffith Stadium, the Polo Grounds and Cleveland Stadium). Calendars are $15 each, plus $4 shipping per order. Call (800) 321-4633 or write to: Bill Goff Inc., P.O. Box 977, Kent, Conn. 06757.

Predicting fame

Pinnacle's 25-card Canton Bound set features current NFL stars who may have a Hall of Fame future. Each of the 100,000 sets is sealed and numbered.

Coming events

Friday, card show to benefit West Middle technology education, West Middle School (60 Monroe St., Westminster), 5 p.m. to 10 p.m., (410) 346-7837.

Nov. 12, collectibles show, Arbutus Fire Hall (5200 Southwestern Blvd.), 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Nov. 12-13, Bird Expo in part to benefit Grant-A-Wish Foundation, Pikesville Armory (expected signers include Don Baylor, George Kell, Don Larsen, Mike Cuellar, Vida Blue and Bobby Grich), Nov. 12 10 a.m. to 5 p.m., Nov. 13 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., (410) 574-4365.

Nov. 13, card show to benefit Wellwood Recreation Center, Pikesville Middle School (7701 Seven Mile Lane), 11 a.m. to 5 p.m., (410) 887-1240.

Nov. 19, card show, Arbutus Fire Hall, 9 a.m. to 3 p.m., (410) 536-4533 or (410) 437-9927.


SkyBox returns in mid- November with a 200-card Series 1 and a redesigned logo. Insert cards include a Head of the Class redemption card and Hakeem Olajuwon/David Robinson autographed cards. With NBA Stay in School cards, pupils in grades 6-8 get a chance to have NBA players visit their schools. (Shown is Olajuwon.)

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