Team makes name for itselfI hope Jim...


Team makes name for itself

I hope Jim Speros follows through with his announced intention of not selecting a nickname for his CFL team. If he does, he will emulate a man whose team I was a significant part of from 1941 through 1945. It was not a sport team but a team of lTC another sort. It was the U.S. Army's 4th Armored Division. While other commanders were picking nicknames for their units, Major General John S. Wood refused to pick one for his team. He said that they should be known by their accomplishments. He added that the division would be known by its deeds alone.

Some of its deeds: participated in the Normandy breakthrough; the first unit to make contact with the beleaguered 101st Airborne in Bostogne; led Patton's 3rd Army across Europe and was stopped by the high command 15 miles from Prague to allow the Russians to capture the city. If Speros can field a team of this caliber he should fill the stadium and not need a nickname.

Joseph E. Siegmund Jr.


October is empty

Unforgivable is the only word that comes to mind in the first week of October when the missing climax of the baseball season implodes within us. More "sin" than "Cardinal" is this travesty besetting the American public. Everything about baseball should fun and user friendly. It should not be a toy at the mercy of lawyers representing players who have given up their individual rights so as to protect other players with absolutely no concern for the true meaning of baseball.

The ability of players and owners to totally disregard the fans and cancel a season at the drop of a hat is just not tolerable.

Zero tolerance for this activity can only be addressed if the fans were to rise up and do the very thing that the players and owners are doing -- lining up on one side and collectively holding the line.

What would happen if the fans of baseball were to say "enough is enough" and put an end to this type of injustice by also coming together and saying, "No matter what the owners and players decide, next year, 1995, the fans will not attend any professional baseball games." The games, if they are to be played, will be played in empty stadiums. Strike lines will be set up at each major-league baseball stadium to prevent scabs from breaking the line. Why not? The owners are doing it. The ball players are doing it. Why can't the fans?

If fans were to do this for one solid year, just think about the impact, the message and the resulting change in behavior from both the players and owners that would bring about the rightful respect for the fans and perhaps for the tradition of baseball.

Raymond D. Bahr

Ellicott City

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