At La Terra, it's always Earth Day


A new shop comes to town in an ecologically friendly spirit. La Terra, at 4001 Falls Road, is having a grand opening tonight from 6 p.m. to 10 p.m.

The shop promises only products which are organic or recycled. Naturally, the decor follows the theme with newspaper flooring, old barn wood fixtures and worn out auto tire seating.

Owners Buddy Wolfe and his jewelry designer wife, Mary DeMarco, have traveled about selecting objects that fit their naturalness standards. It's a store/gallery arrangement featuring clothing, cosmetics, jewelry and gifts for the home. Call 889-7562 for more information.

Eco-undies: Ecologically friendly all the way down to the skin is Lands' End underwear made from recycled plastic soda bottles. The fabric comes from soda bottles because they are regulated as consumables and therefore of a higher standard of purity than other plastic forms.

For those who need to count, it takes about five two-liter bottles to make one thermal shirt or pants. The holiday catalog offers both men's and women's thermals in Fortrel EcoSpun Thermaskin. Fiber trade names are getting serious, but a touch test of the fabric is soft and cuddly and promises warmth. Unisex pricing is $22 for for tops and bottoms.

Bag lady: That Barbie, at age 35, just when she was starting to rethink career goals and getting into serious workout mode to keep her figure, up and decides she needs a last girlie shopping fling. She's going on a spree exclusively at Bloomingdale's, in a savvy shopper outfit designed just for her by Nicole Miller. It's a black velvet slip dress with a cape in a distinctive Barbie nostalgia print. A Bloomie's bag and wraparound sunglasses finish the glamour look.

Barbie, who's worn more designer labels than Ivana in her heyday, may yet wind up being a novelist and TV movie writer.

Kicky fashion: Seen on the street near the Maryland Institute, College of Art: Young women in full neo-grunge art student drag and wearing high-heels -- with socks. The combat boot generation seems to be lightening up with killer heels.

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