Revolting chapter in history coming to bookstore near you


Given the success of Faye Resnick's steamy book on Nicole Simpson -- 750,000 copies rushed into print and brisk sales in many cities -- can these other tell-all books be far behind?

* "He Never Lifted a Finger: My (Messy) Life With O.J. Simpson," by Maria Baur, with Mike Walker.

With the help of the veteran National Enquirer columnist, O.J. Simpson's former domestic reveals for the first time what it was like to live with a football legend, but a Hall of Fame slob.

Here is the shocking story of her 2 1/2 years of employment, a daily nightmare of old pizza boxes strewn around the kitchen, empty cans of Dinty Moore beef stew littering the bedroom and demands for sex, sex, sex.

In the introduction, Ms. Baur writes: "I saw him in bed with many women. Their names are in this book. You should buy it."

Here are the ugly details of the day Ms. Baur was vacuuming the living room and asked the gridiron great if he could please lift his feet. O.J. replied: "Only if you have sex with me, Maria."

Emotionally drained by her employer's sloth and amorous advances, Ms. Baur swallowed a liter of Pine Sol in a botched suicide attempt and wound up in a hospital room.

Upon awakening, she found flowers sent by O.J. and this note: "Trophy room has funny smell. Old veal parmigiana sandwich under couch? Pls. check."

* "Me and O.J.: Like Brothers, Only Closer" by Al Cowlings, with Mike Walker.

At last, aided by the star columnist for the National Enquirer, O.J. Simpson's friend and confidante breaks his silence and chronicles their long relationship, including sizzling new details of the infamous freeway ride in the white Ford Bronco and fresh insights into O.J. troubled sex life.

For the first time, Cowlings reveals that the freeway -- was not nearly as harrowing as popularly depicted, and that two men actually played "I See The Color" and "Name the State Capitals."

But after correctly identifying Carson City as the capital of Nevada, O.J. wailed: "AC, find me a woman to have sex with!"

When Cowlings replied that this was impossible, as the Bronco was moving at a speed of 55 mph, O.J. pouted and refused Cowlings' suggestion that the two try to spot interesting license plates.

"There was only one thing on the man's mind -- women," Cowlings writes in the foreword. "I tell you what he did, and with whom! This is a good book to buy."

* "The Real Dirt: O.J. As I Knew Him" by Rolf Baur, with Mike Walker.

O.J. Simpson's former gardener and the noted columnist for the National Enquirer team up in this riveting portrait of an aging star athlete with a secret passion for horticulture and kinky sexual adventure.

Two mornings a week, Baur (Maria's husband) would pull his battered Chevy pickup into Simpson's estate, where the two would sip coffee and discuss such things as which ground covers work best, preferred locations for perennials, etc.

Baur writes: "Inevitably, though, the conversation would drift to whatever Hollywood starlet O.J. happened to be bedding."

He also reveals that while spreading wood chips in the flower beds around the house, he routinely peeked into the windows and witnessed O.J. in the throes of passion with, among others, Paula Abdul, Sharon Stone and Demi Moore.

"I saw him with lots of other women, too! And I'll tell you who they are if you buy this book!" Baur writes in the prologue.

* "More Than a Leech: My Deep Friendship With O.J. Simpson" by Kato Kaelin, with Mike Walker.

The book you won't want to miss! Written with amazing candor by America's most famous houseguest and the well-known columnist for the National Enquirer, this is the story of a confused ex-superstar coming to grips with his insatiable appetite for sex in all its variations.

From his tiny though lushly appointed quarters in the rear of the Simpson estate, Kaelin would often spot O.J. padding out to the pool in his pajamas at 1 or 2 in the morning, a brooding figure with a vodka gimlet in one hand.

"Many nights, while I was watching 'The Rockford Files,' O.J. would rap on my door and want to talk,' " Kaelin writes in the preface. "We'd talk about everything: Nicole, his dreams, his troubles, all the women he was seeing. Their names are all in this book. If I were you, I'd buy it."

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