Passed-out driver faces drug charges


An Annapolis man ran a red light at West St. and Chinquapin Round Road Monday evening, backed into a traffic lane, then passed out behind the wheel of his Toyota pickup truck, city police said yesterday.

The 40-year-old driver was found unconscious about 7 p.m. His truck was parked diagonally across the northbound lanes of Chinquapin Round Road, police said. The officer at the scene said that an aroma of marijuana wafted out of the truck when he opened the door, and that he had to shake the man to wake him up.

The officer said he found a suspected marijuana joint on the man's lap, a bag of suspected marijuana laced with PCP in the man's shoe and suspected cocaine in a black leather purse in the man's front pocket.

Roderick Orlando Owens of the 600 block of Bywater Road was charged with driving under the influence of a controlled substance, drug possession and possession with intent to distribute, police said. He was being held on $20,000 bail, police said.

A passenger in the car, also asleep in the front seat at the time of the incident, was searched and released, police said.

Woman robbed in parking lot

A Riva woman was robbed at gunpoint Monday afternoon as she was putting merchandise into the trunk of her car on the parking lot of the Parole Plaza near the Woodward and Lothrop store, county police said yesterday.

Carol H. Sweeney, 43, told police the incident occurred shortly after 2:30 p.m. A woman armed with a long-muzzled handgun came up behind her and demanded that Ms. Sweeney take her to an automatic teller machine and withdraw money from her account, police said.

Ms. Sweeney told the woman that she did not have her bank card and offered the robber the money she had with her. The woman took the money and ordered Ms. Sweeney to drive off, police said.

Home burglarized, jewelry stolen

An Annapolis man came home from a four-day trip Monday to find his home broken into and $2,769 in jewelry, including his wife's wedding and engagement rings, and other possessions gone, police said.

Robert W. Champ, 73, of the 1400 block of Bay Ridge Ave. told police he noticed his bedroom window had been smashed and the glass doors left wide open, police said.

In addition to the rings, thieves also took a toolbox and a television, police said.

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