HERE is a sample of editorial opinions...


HERE is a sample of editorial opinions from around the country:

From the Cleveland Plain Dealer, on transracial adoptions:

"Sen. Howard Metzenbaum scored a huge victory for children. [He] placed an amendment in the recently passed Elementary and Secondary Education Act that removes barriers to transracial adoptions.

"Certainly, a child growing up with a family that shares his or her culture is an ideal worth pursuing when the opportunity presents itself. But a minority child should not have to languish in a temporary situation like a foster home or shelter care when some family is willing to open up its heart and home. To deny a child the chance of stability and nurturing is far more cruel than not placing him with someone of the same skin color.

"Too often, debates that concern race are not reasonable. Rather, they are twisted in divisive and unproductive ways that would have buried children's best interests.

"That did not happen this time. And minority children who lack stable homes will be the winners because of it."

* * *

FROM the New York Daily News, on privacy rights:

"Pardon me, Mr. Terrorist, but would you mind signing this permission slip so the U.S. government knows you approve of my seeing the files on my abduction?

"In effect, those are the bizarre rules the CIA, FBI and Drug Enforcement Administration initially laid down for journalist Terry Anderson. They said he would have to get the permission of his captors before Washington would turn over its files concerning his seven-year ordeal at the hands of Middle East terrorists. The reason? Terrorists have privacy rights, too.

"That stance was so preposterous that the government dropped it -- yet still refuses to give Anderson the files. A lawyer said it's "likely that other grounds for withholding information will apply to any existing records pertaining to these individuals." Such as? Whatever the explanation, it can't possibly be good enough to reject Anderson's reasonable request."

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