Pierno's record; Parrott's billboardsA vote for Theresa...


Pierno's record; Parrott's billboards

A vote for Theresa Pierno will continue to give residents of Harford County a real voice in the governing process.

For the past four years she has demonstrated leadership in addressing the needs of all citizens. She enacted important land-use policies through sponsoring such legislation as the tree bill, farmland preservation and supporting the adequate public facilities bills. Pierno's commitment to the environment has been consistent. Her sediment control legislation and education initiatives have contributed significantly toward the objectives of the Chesapeake Bay clean-up programs. Her strong stand on education won her the endorsement of the teachers association.

Pierno opposed excessive water and sewage rate increases because of the impact they would have on both residents and businesses.

Through her citizens' input legislation, Harford County citizens . . . have a stronger voice in government and are allowed to participate in . . . decisions that affect their communities.

It is obvious whose interests Ms. Pierno's opponent Joanne Parrott represents. Ms. Parrott's developer-backing is apparent throughout the county as many of her billboard-sized campaign advertisements can be seen at numerous developers' commercial locations. The special interests that worked hard during the primary are still alive and kicking in Harford County.

Yes, we have a distinct choice in selecting the next council president. It is Theresa Pierno who has made a real difference and who can be relied on to put the people first.

Juanita Zornes



. . . In 1992, I wrote to the members of the Harford County Council and received just two replies, one from County Council President Jeffrey Wilson and one from Theresa Pierno. Since that time, Mrs. Pierno has attended most of our meetings. Mrs. Pierno knows what is happening in the Joppa-Joppatowne area.

We bought our property in 1950 so we have seen the impact of dense development on our environment and our lifestyle. . . . We have been in business since 1948. Mrs. Pierno is not anti-business. She just wants to protect the environment of the people living in Harford County.

If the developers are allowed to build without restrictions, there HTC would be no vegetation left; it is easier to strip the land in order to build. The schools would be overcrowded, the roads impassable during rush hours, and a great burden on the water and sewer systems. Those profiting from this development should have to help pay for the upgrading of these facilities, not just the taxpayers.

As congested as Joppatowne is, there are about 700 new dwellings planned for the Joppatowne area. We need restrictions and we need them now. I hope everyone who cares about how they live will vote for Theresa Pierno and not vote for the developers. . . .

Virginia Beaty


Jacobs on Abortion

Voters, please look at the candidates very closely. Don't be fooled by their smile and wave like I was. I must admit I was taken in by one candidate's friendly campaign tactics, but was ++ startled to find out what she stood for. The candidate is Nancy Jacobs, running for House of Delegates in District 34.

Nancy Jacobs is against a women's right to choose, even though voters supported choice in a 1992 referendum. Mrs. Jacobs should know we live in a democracy . . . Does she plan to go to Annapolis with an agenda that will try and override the will of the people?

Mrs. Jacobs is also against classes in high school which teach sex education and the prevention of AIDS. This radical reactionary wants to take our country back to the 1950s when abortions were outlawed. . . . Doesn't Mrs. Jacobs realize that ignorance caused many of these pregnancies and that sex education classes dispel ignorance regarding sexual reproduction?

Personally, I am against abortions, but I am for a woman's right to choose. This decision should be made by individuals, not governments or radical reactionaries like Nancy Jacobs.

Sue Maule

Bel Air

Sheriff Support

Over the years, I have had the distinct pleasure of getting to know many outstanding, civic-minded Harford County citizens. Ron Szczybor, candidate for Harford County executive, is one of these citizens. I have been following his campaign closely, and I can wholeheartedly say I support him.

A major issue in this year's election is one near and dear to my heart: whether we the people will preserve our right to choose our police leadership. As Harford County's sheriff for 18 years, I can say with certainty that the position of sheriff should and must serve the citizens of Harford County, not the politicians.

Ron supports our rights as citizens to choose the chief law enforcement officer. To replace a time-honored system with one which will just add to the size of our government is a travesty. I urge all the voters of Harford County to vote for Ron Szczybor and against Question A (the proposed amendment to Harford County's charter).

William Kunkel


Ducking Debates

As a result of Bob Comes' continued refusal to debate me on the issues, I must respond to his public comments through forums such as this. In The Sun for Harford County on Oct. 9, an article addressed the overtime crisis in the sheriff's office, which is to exceed its allocated money for overtime by more than $600,000.

Bob Comes stated that the hiring of 12 new deputies, who are currently being trained in the sheriff's academy, would solve the crisis. I strongly disagree. Each of the 12 new deputies would have to save the department $50,000 ($600,000 divided by 12 deputies) for this solution to work.

The lack of deputies is not the primary reason for the crisis. Bad management is the problem. . . .

The article referred to a dangerous situation wherein criminal warrants were not being entered into the agency's computer system. As a result, deputies were unaware of outstanding warrants on individuals whom they might have contact with. . . . The problem escalated. . . there was a backlog of at least 800 warrants not entered into the system.

Bob Comes' explanation for this problem was a shortage of personnel created by the transfer of police dispatchers to another agency. Not true. The backlog was caused by a purposeful decision by the sheriff to stop entering these warrants so as to avoid critical computer system audits which the agency had been receiving for putting the warrants in the system improperly. It was not until two judges complained about this neglect that the sheriff started to have the warrants entered once again. . . . Our deputies' and citizens' safety was compromised.

. . . In refusing to debate me, Bob Comes said that he is running on his record. . . . To continue to refuse is an affront to the very voters who entrusted him with their sheriff's department nearly four years ago.

Joe Meadows

Bel Air

The writer is Republican candidate for Harford County sheriff.

Harford Glen

I went to Harford Glen last year while I was a student at Jarrettsville Elementary and had a great time. . . . I was always scared to go places without my parents but Harford Glen changed that. At first, . . . I would have wanted my parents to come and pick me up at night and bring me back for the next day but that wasn't an option. You either went or you stayed home.

So I went and found out that I could do anything and not be scared of being alone. At Harford Glen, I felt so safe and protected. . . . If I hadn't gone, I would have missed out on a lot of fun. I feel more self-confident and less dependent. If this program changes, many kids like me will never get the experience of this great place.

Erin Ziegler


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