Yates: Adequate Facilities Law is Key CAMPAIGN 1994


The candidates for Carroll County commissioner on the Nov. 8 ballot, Republicans Donald I. Dell, Richard T. Yates and W. Benjamin Brown, and Democrats Elmer C. Lippy, Rebecca A. Orenstein and Grover N. "Sam" Sensabaugh, were asked to respond to the following questions: What existing measures will you use to control Carroll County's residential growth? What new measures are needed? Their responses appear below:

What existing measures will you use to control Carroll County's residential growth?

The adequate facilities law must be complied with in order to maintain a quality of life that current residents expected to have when they bought homes here. The infrastructure, such as schools, water, roads, police and fire protection, cannot be allowed to drag behind waiting for the state or federal government to provide their fair share.

If those government entities do not come up with their shares, then moratoriums must be placed to stifle further construction as to protect the public from harm and/or disease caused by the lack of these infrastructure.

The cramming of young children into portables is causing health problems for the children and teachers, and the constant new construction without better roads to carry the new traffic is dangerous to the well-being of those residing here. It has also been reported that the potable water table is being diminished, causing wells to go dry or lose sufficient capacity in various parts of this county. No new measures are needed if growth is added gradually after the installation of the required infrastructure.

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