Sensabaugh: Make New Growth Pay or Wait CAMPAIGN 1994


The candidates for Carroll County commissioner on the Nov. 8 ballot, Republicans Donald I. Dell, Richard T. Yates and W. Benjamin Brown, and Democrats Elmer C. Lippy, Rebecca A. Orenstein and Grover N. "Sam" Sensabaugh, were asked to respond to the following questions: What existing measures will you use to control Carroll County's residential growth? What new measures are needed? Their responses appear below:

There are two major measures available to try to manage and somewhat control growth: Make the growth pay for the services and facilities that it will require, and where the facilities and services are not yet in place apply the adequate facilities law to hold up development until the services can be put in place.

As to the first measure, the existing impact fee of $2,700-$3,500 should be increased to $5,500-$6,000. This increase in the fee would raise more than $3 million more per year to pay for the school construction, police, fire and water services that the new development will require. This would relieve the burden from the present taxpayers to pay to subsidize what the new growth is requiring. It also would permit the county fo fund new school construction as the residential growth takes place and not wait until the situation become critical.

In areas where development has far outgrown the facilities and services, there has to be a halt put on the new development until services catch up. This will require close cooperation between town governments and the county to keep from building and to keep annexation from taking place before the infrastructure is there. With the funds from increased impact fees, the county should be in the position to keep pace with the infrastructure coinciding with normal residential growth.

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